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The Latest Freebies 2/16/99

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2/16 Free Lapel Pin, Stickers, Tattoos and Bookmarks from The Eye Bank
2/16 Free Sample Pert Plus Shampoo and Contest
2/16 Free Nutritional or Cleaning Product from Doris & Dennis
2/16 Free Sample SNAP Antistatic Treatment
2/16 Free Sample Perfect Solution Weight Loss Product
2/16 Join the Tide Mailing List for Promotional Samples
2/16 Register For a $10 Coupon at PlanetRx
2/16 Free Golden Opportunity Educational Activities Information Packet
2/16 Free LT Sound Catalog and Audio Demo Cassette
2/16 Free Sample Redeem Herbal Energizer
2/16 Free Pair of Gardening Gloves from Garden Reminder Service
2/16 Contest - "Mastercard's Millennium Celebration Trip To Paris" (9/16)
2/16 Free Magazine Subscription and Booklets from Concerned Women for America
2/16 Earn Gift Certificates from ProLaunch - This is a Great Service
2/16 Contest - Win A Disney Beanie Baby (monthly)
2/16 Contest - Win a Steak from Dodge Inn Steaks
2/16 Free Subscription to Texas Instruments Showcase Magazine
2/16 Contest - Win a 24 Kt Gold Dipped Rose from Simply Unforgettable (monthly)

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