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Continued...2/19 - 2/20/99

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The Latest Freebies 2/19/99 - 2/20/99

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2/20 Rebate Form for Windows 98
2/20 Microsoft Rebates (print out)
2/20 Free Stuff and Trial Offers From Our Sponsors
2/20 Save $36 With This Weeks Grocery Coupons from ValuPage
2/20 Contest - NorthStar Interactive Survey - Win Cash
2/20 Free CD "Best of College and Independent Bands, Vol I"
2/20 500 Free Points To TGIF
2/20 Free Bandana from IAW Athletics
2/20 Free Cigar from Cigar Estates (over 21 only)
2/20 Free Bumper Sticker and Williamsburg Vacation Planner
2/20 Free Irish Jig Screen Saver (click top 10) From DownloadStore
2/20 Contest - Monthly Prizes at GolfersWeb
2/20 Free Stuff from Texas Travel
2/20 Rebate Forms for Ginsana, Vitasana, and Others
2/20 Register for Coupons and Specials at Utz Snacks
2/20 Free Copy "99 Travel Tips For Mature Travellers" 60pg Booklet
2/20 Win a Palm Pilot III from Mainstay (6/30)
2/20 Free Video/Brochures/Lesson Plans For Teachers from The Milk Mustache Education Program
2/20 Free Audio and Video Tape Investor's Kit from The Presidential Portfolio
2/20 Contest - Iomega Zip250 Sweepstakes, Win 1 of 250 Zip 250 Drives (2/28)
2/20 Free Catalogs at CatalogLink
2/20 Contest - Win A Wedding Gown from Davids Bridal(weekly)
2/20 Free Trial Issues of Bicycling Magazine
2/20 Free Subscription to Send! Magazine from Gospel for Asia
2/20 Free Catalog from Ross-Simons
2/20 Webmaster Freebie - Earn Money From Your Site With Paying Sponsors
2/20 Printable Coupon to Long John Silvers (4/4)
2/19 Free Download of COMcache Xplorer Control Set
2/19 Free Book "God Does Care"
2/19 Contest - Win a 1999 Porsche Boxster from PC Mall (6/30)
2/19 Contest - Win a Portable CD Player at C-Jams, Ltd (3/15)
2/19 Free Audio Tape Info on MGN-3 Immune System Supplement
2/19 Free Music Tape from the Band "Suspicion"
2/19 Online Freebie - Free Asthma Control Program from GlaxoWellcome
2/19 Free Sample of Cloth Used in Bedding from Allergy Direct
2/19 Contest - Win a Pair of Sneakers or Gift Certificate at SneakerLand (3/31)
2/19 Contest - Ends Today - Win a Beanie Baby at La Store
2/19 Still Valid - Lots of Freebies for Teachers at The Sugar Association
2/19 Free Info Pack from PC Crisis Line
2/19 Contest - Win a Magic Fairy Book (monthly)
2/19 Contest - Win a $500 Lands End Gift Certificate
2/19 Free Craft Book from the American School of Needlework®
2/19 Free Sample "Wrench Force"
2/19 Lots of Free Items for Kids from FEMA (write for)
2/19 Free Your Daily Freebies E-Mail Account (who wouldn't want their address to be
2/19 Free InstaWare Demo Disk
2/19 Contest - Win A Butterfly Garden (sign guestbook)
2/19 Free Comic Book from The American Cancer Society (1-800)
2/19 Free Pro Plan® Pro Club® Starter Kit and Rebate Request for Kittens
2/19 Free Pro Plan® Pro Club® Starter Kit for Puppies
2/19 Contest - Win a "Crib Blankee" Personalized Baby Blanket (monthly)
2/19 Contest - 100K Sweepstakes (12/99)
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