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The Latest Freebies 3/2/99

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3/2 Contest - Easter Egg Hunt at USA Pears (4/6)
3/2 Money Saving Coupons from Super Pretzel
3/2 Free Leonard Peltier Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
3/2 Free Pickle from Pickle Jazz
3/2 Free Music CD & Autographed Picture From Rhino Party
3/2 Free Coffee Sample from Carlos & James Gourmet
3/2 Free Guidebook "Mommy, I Don't Feel Good" , $15 in Coupons and Immunization Schedule
3/2 Contest - Win a Disney Movie & Follow Links To More Contests (monthly)
3/2 Free Wildflower Roadside Almanac from Heyne (LSASE)
3/2 Still Valid - Free Termite and Carpenter Ant Videos (warning signs and prevention tips)
3/2 Free Texas Drivers License Search from InfoMasters
3/2 Free Pens from African American Literature (LSASE)
3/2 Contest - Win a DVD Player from Music HQ
3/2 Free Magazine "Women Today"
3/2 Free Sports Energy Powder
3/2 Free Magazine for Kids "Curiocity"
3/2 Free Stickers from Kozy Shack
3/2 New Discounts and Deals At CoolSavings - Print Them Out
3/2 Free Catalog and Samples from Labels-4-U
3/2 Free Demo CD From Coresoft
3/2 Free Demo CD-Rom "Reflection EnterView" and Gift
3/2 Contest - Win a Box of Upper Deck Trading Cards (monthly)
3/2 This Weeks Grocery Coupons
3/2 Free Booklet "Lost Tribes of Israel"
3/2 Still Valid - 5 Free Videos From Underwriters Laboratories (1-800)
3/2 Bunch of Free E-Mail Newsletters, Jokes, Coupons, Recipes, etc
3/2 Sample CD Case to Qualified Businesses

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