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The Latest Freebies 3/20/99

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3/20 Contest - Win a Gallon Vermont Maple Syrup (weekly)
3/20 Your Choice of Free Red Maple, White Fir or Ponderosa Pine Tree
3/20 Free Sample 24# Georgia Pacific Laser Paper
3/20 Free Sample Aloe Vera Hand and Body Lotion
3/20 Last Chance To Enter This Weeks Contest!
3/20 Free Booklets from The American Institute for Cancer Research
3/20 Still Valid - Free Coffee from A.L. Van Houtte Coffees
3/20 Free Book "Intense Moments with the Savior"
3/20 Free Sample Non-Fat Milk Powder from Memoryman
3/20 Contest - Win a Jewelry Gift from Jeweler's Direct (monthly)
3/20 Online Freebie - Download Internet Explorer 5.0 and Other Free Software
3/20 Free Sample Issue of Freedom Writer Magazine
3/20 Free Paper Tube Sample Kit
3/20 Free Sample Specialty Envelopes
3/20 Free Recipe Pack from 3abn Christian Satellite TV
3/20 Free "Snail-Mail" Sampler Tract Packet from Pentecostal Resource Center
3/20 Free Trial To Discount Shopping Service & Free Gift
3/20 Free Visa Card with 2.9% Financing (depending on the card you choose you can have the picture of your choice put on it free and earn rewards!)
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