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The Latest Freebies 4/1/99

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4/1 Free Sample from Geneva Healthways
4/1 Free Sample Dyed Hemp Twine
4/1 Available Again - Free Mousepad from Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection
4/1 Free Sample Vision Pro Xtra Protein
4/1 Free Booklet "7 Basic Steps to Successful Fasting and Prayer"
4/1 Free Sample Book from Preision Tag
4/1 Free Orlando Travel Brochures
4/1 Free Booklets and Magazine from Concerned Women of America
4/1 Walgreens Receipt Saver Club for April
4/1 Free CD-Rom from Music Bakery
4/1 Contest - Sign Up And Surf Contest from @Home (5/31)
4/1 Free "Snippet" Music Sampler
4/1 Just For Fun - Send An April Fools E-Card
4/1 Just For Fun -
4/1 Free Sample Isis Perfume
4/1 $3.00 Rebate on Echinex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $2.00 Rebate on Garlique (sign guestbook)
4/1 $2.00 Rebate on Melatonex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $2.00 Rebate on Harmonex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $3.00 Rebate on Propalmex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $3.00 Rebate on Rejuvex (sign guestbook)
4/1 Free Anti- Chew Tobacco Posters from Oral Health America (Phone In - call is not toll-free)
4/1 Axius Opinion Panel Win Prizes for Your Opinions - Also Contest On-Site
4/1 Join the Speedback Panel and Earn Money For Your Opinions
4/1 Free Products and Cash from American Consumer Panel
4/1 Still Valid - Free Shaolin Master Bumper Sticker
4/1 Contest - Win a Designed Webpage at Christel Webdesign
4/1 Free Video From Columbus University
4/1 Free Cigar Cutter and Catalog
4/1 Build A Dream Home Brochure

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