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The Latest Freebies 4/4/99

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4/4 Free Recipe Booklet from Perdue
4/4 Still Valid - Free Trial Lens Certificate from Ciba Vision
4/4 This Weeks Grocery Coupons
4/4 Free Sample Birth Announcement
4/4 Free Gifts from The Catfish Institute
4/4 Free Booklet "Fresh-Market Tomatoes With Organic Mulches"
4/4 Free Sample Lab Series For Men (print out, store visit required)
4/4 Free Sample Case of Chutney and Pepper Sauce for Restaurant Distributors/Retailers
4/4 Free Sample "Bump No More" Razor Bump Treatment
4/4 Contest - Coffee Masters' Monthly Sweepstakes (1 in 30 chance of winning)
4/4 Your Daily Freebies *Daily* and *Weekly* Newsletters - Join Us!
4/4 Contest - Win A Sony Laptop (4/12)
4/4 Free Sample Cabinet Hardware
4/4 Free Issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine
4/4 Enter This Weeks Contest, 2 Great Prizes!

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