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The Latest Freebies 4/7/99

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4/7 Free Issue of Purse Strings - Investment News for Women
4/7 Free "Debt Sucks" Bumper Sticker
4/7 Free National Wildlife Federation Catalog
4/7 Free Animal Tracks Classroom Activity And Program Brochure
4/7 Free Heuberger Motors Keychain and "Scrappy Scraper"
4/7 Free McGraw-Hill Consumer Educational Workbook
4/7 Free Crayon Keychain and Stickers from Uncle John's Enterprises (mail-in)
4/7 Still Valid - Free Recipe Booklets and Hot Sauce (mail in)
4/7 Just For Fun - Free Ordination Certificate You Personalize and Print Out
4/7 Free 18oz Box of Kitten Chow
4/7 Contest - Win Free Steaks from Omaha Steaksicon
4/7 Contest - Win a $100 Shopping Spree at Fragrance Net (monthly)icon
4/7 Free Audio Tape - "Cancer & Aloe Vera"
4/7 Enter Our Weekly Contest - Two Great Prizes
4/7 Contest - Win a Hawaiian Musical 4 CD Set from Booklines Hawaii (5/30)
4/7 Free Year Subscription to The National Liberty Journal form Old Time Gospel Hour
4/7 Free Word Puzzle Disk for Mac Users (LSASE)
4/7 Free Sample Alka-Seltzer Plus ColdŽ Medicine
4/7 This Months Rebates at RiteAid
4/7 Contest - Win a Maytag Washer & A Year of Wisk (4/30)
4/7 Contest - Trailshead Gear Giveaway (every two weeks)
4/7 Updated Link - Free Tennis Video from Mitt USA
4/7 Free Demo Cd-Rom - ArtCam, The 3D software solution for engravers
4/7 At CoolSavings Today - $5 Coupon for Linens & Things ($15 purchase 4/30),Plus 130 Other Offers
4/7 Free Demo CD-Rom from Discover (Offer limited to School or Agency Based Professionals)
4/7 Online Freebie - Submit Your Site To 400 Search Engines Free from Submit Shack
4/7 $2.00 Rebate Coupon for Totally Toddler Stain and Odor Remover

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