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The Latest Freebies4/12/99

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4/12 Free Southern Song Refrigerator Magnet (LSASE)
4/12 Free Magnet from Author Diana Kirk (LSASE, scroll down)
4/12 Free Greeting Card From
4/12 Free Sample Diet Supplements
4/12 Free T-Shirt For Taking The Teclab Web Quiz (aswers are on site)
4/12 Contest - Publishers Clearinghouse $10,000 a Week For Life (scroll down for entry)icon
4/12 Free Fox Fan T-shirt
4/12 Contest - Free Site and FamilyPoint Instant Win Contest
4/12 Contest - Win a 10,000 Investment Portfolio from Discover Brokerage (4/23)
4/12 Free Bear Safety in Alaska Sticker
4/12 Free Audio Tape From Institute for American Wellness
4/12 Free Booklet "Healthy Bones for Life" from the Osteoporosis Business Coalition (1-800)
4/12 E Toys Coupon -# C9256 expires May 16/99 , Save $10 on your next toy purchase of $25.(Limit 1 per household)
4/12 Money Saving Coupon From FleaBusters
4/12 Free Sample Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
4/12 Rebate Forms To Print Out From Just For Women Brands (stayfree, carefree, uristat, etc)
4/12 Still Valid - Free Vegetable Seed Packet from Garden Master - Print Out
4/12 Free Sample Klamath Lake Algae Supplement
4/12 Free Brochures/Recipe Sampler from Ocean Spray (1-800)
4/12 Free Sample Spade L Ranch Beef Seasoning (LSASE)
4/12 Contest - Monthly Beanie Baby Giveaway
4/12 Contest - T-Shirt A Day Giveaway at Aussie Hair Care
4/12 Online Freebie - Free Lake Isle Bird Lover's Screen Saver
4/12 Still Valid - Sign Up With AllAdvantage and Earn Cash For Being Online
4/12 Free Booklets from The American Institute for Cancer Research
4/12 Contest - Win A Guess Watch (5/3)
4/12 Free Copy "Network Marketing in the New Millennium"
4/12 229 Rebate Offers from Office Max (print out)
4/12 Free 35mm Slides from Renaissance Imaging
4/12 This Weeks Freebies at FreeShop
4/12 Contest - Staples '99 Win $5,000 (4/15)
4/12 Free ICS Course Catalog - Earn a Degree At Home
4/12 Free Auto Maintenance Remonders and Contest
4/12 Free Rhode Island Vacation Kit
4/12 FYI - Do-it-yourself: Stop junk mail, email and phone calls
4/12 Free Catalogs from CatologLink
4/12 Online Freebie - Free Christian Screensavers and Wallpaper
4/12 Free Sample IMITREX® (sumatriptan succinate)

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