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The Latest Freebies 4/19/99

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4/19 Free Sample ProLEAN Diet Supplement (1-800)
4/19 Still Valid - Free Book from Nestle
4/19 Free Sample Miracle Balm
4/19 GM College Grad Program $400 Car Rebate
4/19 Free Catalog on CD-Rom from Corbin Motorcycles
4/19 Free CDK "Best of Miami" Music
4/19 Discounts and Gift Offer From California Concept Skin Care
4/19 Lots of Free Maps and Travel Brochures from Best Western
4/19 Free Allergy & Asthma Guide
4/19 Free Louisiana Travel Kit
4/19 Free Gift from Signature Pads
4/19 Disney Store Free Catalog
4/19 Free Educators Guide from Discovery Channel
4/19 Free Flavored Tea (LSASE, scroll down)
4/19 Free Dosage Chart From Pfizer Animal Health *every 20th request gets a free coffee mug
4/19 Free Pet Feeding Guide From Happy Paws
4/19 New $2.00 Coupon at Revlon
4/19 Free Audio Tape "Understanding The Book of Revelation"
4/19 FYI - Reduce Unwanted Junk Mail and Phone Callsicon
4/19 Free Sample Business Cards
4/19 Contest - Win a $20 Gift Certificate From Sears (weekly)
4/19 Contest - Win $100 Savings Bond at
4/19 This Weeks Grocery Coupons Worth $37.00

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