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The Latest Freebies 4/20/99

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4/20 Free Home Childproofing Brochure
4/20 Free Internet Service from Freei.Net (selected areas)
4/20 Free Stickers from The Band "Chapter 11" (free audio tape to CA residents)
4/20 Free Download of Pagoo! (your phone messages immediately forwarded to your computer)
4/20 Free Brochure and Contests from APC
4/20 Still Valid - Free Mousepad, Calendar and Computer Wallpaper from Just Flowers
4/20 Contest - Win National Geographic Photo Gallery Software from SQC (4/23)
4/20 Free Poster and Stickers from Super Dude
4/20 This Weeks Latest Freebies at FreeShopicon
4/20 Still Valid - Brainplay 30% Off Sale - Free Shipping and $5.00 Off Coupon ($10 Purchase required)
4/20 Free Sample of Metamucil and "Your Guide To A High Fiber Diet." Booklet
4/20 Free sample Perfume from Parfums Raffy (LSASE)
4/20 Free Sample Magic Tomato Ties (LSASE)
4/20 Contest - Win a Trip To The Daytime Emmys (4/25)
4/20 Free Issue of NewHome Builders Magazine
4/20 Free Sample Office Supplies from AAA Distributors
4/20 Free "Chillennium" Sticker (sign guestbook)
4/20 Free Bumper Sticker "More Fun Than Decent People Think Should Be Legal"
4/20 Free Book "A Journey into Prayer"
4/20 Free ISO Consulting and Training Videos
4/20 Register to Get Paid for Your Opinions By Focusline
4/20 Contest - Win Two Cars from Valvoline (9/30)
4/20 $5.00 Coupon towards a NicoDerm CQ® or Nicorette® Smoking Cessation Starter Kit
4/20 Join the Capitol Records Focus Group for Free Music
4/20 FYI - Internet Scambusters
4/20 Print Out Coupons for Kibbles and Bits
4/20 Free Gift from Spotsylvania
4/20 Free Catalogs from JC Penney
4/20 Contest - USA Today Birthday Celebration (5/16)
4/20 Updated Link - Free Videos from Total Gym
4/20 Contest - Win A Backstreet Boys Autographed Gift From Showtime (5/15)

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