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The Latest Freebies 7/1/99

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7/1 Contest - Win Prizes at NPD Online Research
7/1 $10 Off A $50 Order at Staples Code# 85115 (8/15)
7/1 Free Copy of The Good Book Guide Magazine
7/1 Contest - Lots of Contests at UBL
7/1 Free Booklets "What Is a Real Christian?" and "Your New Life in Christ"
7/1 Free Pet Food Coupon From BuckEyeicon
7/1 New $10 Coupon at Code# XOOM99 (7/15)
7/1 Free Scholastic Magazines for Teachers
7/1 Free Allergy, Asthma, and Sinus Relief Video
7/1 Free Booklet "Safe & Sound for Baby" (LSASE)
7/1 Free Sample Labels from Labels-4-U
7/1 Walgreens July Rebates Catalog
7/1 Rite-Aid Rebates for July
7/1 $5 Off At Auctions @!
7/1 Free Video and Info Pack from Bold Assurance (1-800)
7/1 Contest - Win a "Lil' Sack Pack" of Sauces and Seasonings (monthly)
7/1 Free Book From Hope Net
7/1 Free Flame Decals From Epson
7/1 Contest - Win A Richard Simmons "Cruise to Lose Vacation" (12/31)
7/1 Fill Out Surveys for Cash And Full Size Products (or both)
7/1 Free Sample Oatmeal Soap (LSASE)
7/1 Free Download of NetZip Deluxe 6.5 Evaluation Version
7/1 Free Spice From Kylie's Cajun Creations (LSASE)
7/1 Contest - The Cars of Summer Sweepstakes (7/31)
7/1 Lots of Contests at Speedy Click
7/1 Contest - Ford UniverSoul Sweepstakes (10/15)
7/1 Free "Next Generation Program" Freebies for Teachers
7/1 Free Informational Packet from The National Psoriasis Foundation
7/1 FreeShop Freebies For July
7/1 Free Growth Chart Pages & Baby Database from GrowthSpurts.Com
7/1 Free Greeting Card When You Enter Contest
7/1 Free Magazine Subscription from Gospel For Asia
7/1 Free Sample Prelief Antacid
7/1 Free Info, Videos from Perry Johnson
7/1 Free Visitor's Information Packet From Living History Farms
7/1 Rebate Form for Sentinel (heartworm/flea product)
7/1 Free Catalogs for July
7/1 Lots of Freebies from Safe And Drug-Free Schools Program
7/1 Contest - Win Jewelry From (monthly)

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