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The Latest Freebies 9/14/99

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9/14 Free Nissan Maxima 2000 Brochure and Video
9/14 Contest - Win a Hepa Air Cleaner (12/15)
9/14 Free VSEP Video From New Logic
9/14 Another "Get Paid To Surf" Site -
9/14 Free 30 Minute Phone Card from LivePhoneCard
9/14 Still Valid - Free Samples of A+D Personal Care Products
9/14 Free Sample Spirulina Flake Fish Food
9/14 Free Sample Banquet Fish Flakes
9/14 Request any Freebie at FreeShop And You Will Be Entered To Win A Laptop (9/15)
9/14 Still Valid - Free Rolodex Necessities Sample Pack
9/14 $20.00 Off Your First Order at Mother and $10 Off at CD Now
9/14 Good Deal - Free Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Scrub and Soap With A $5 Minimum Purchase at AllHerb
9/14 Healthy Choice Frequent Flyer Certificate (mail in)
9/14 Money Saving Coupon for Popeye Vitamins (print out)
9/14 Free Poster to First 1000 from Blinkinc
9/14 Free NetworkIT CD-Rom
9/14 Money Saving Coupon For Sunsource Supplements (each individual product has a coupon)
9/14 Free Parchment "A Declaration of Significance"
9/14 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at DVD Express Code# NEW2DVD
9/14 Free Booklet "Working Out Your Salvation"
9/14 New CD-Rom Software for S&H Fee
9/14 Free Tape "Learning to Think and Act Biblically"
9/14 Free Copy of "The Secrets of 97 Healing Herbs"
9/14 Coupon - $50 Off When You Sign Up At Mercata (can be used for up to 50% off)
9/14 Free Samples of Specialty Envelopes to Businesses
9/14 Free Sample and Info Packet From ProLean (1-800)
9/14 Free eVENT Allergen Barrier Fabric Sample
9/14 Free Stuff From Travel Texas
9/14 Online Freebie - Free Investing Tip of The Day icon
9/14 Extended Till 9/15 - PlanetRX Three Free Products For S/H (first time customers - also free first aid kit)
9/14 Free Download of "Gator" Program and $50 in Online Coupons
9/14 Online Freebie - Printable Photo Frames
9/14 Free Samples from The Excedrin Headache Resource Center
9/14 Free Letter Opener from JCCB
9/14 Still Valid - Free B-D Delicious Desserts Cook Booklet
9/14 Free Demo CD-Rom "Gifts for Windows" (designed for grantmakers)
9/14 Online Freebie - Free Screensaver Developed For Cats
9/14 Free Demo CD-Rom of Fundraising Software
9/14 Free Demo CD-Rom "DonorQuest" Fundraising Software
9/14 Free Curiocity Magazine for Kids
9/14 Free Sample Stretch Fit Brief From DMP (click "this month's promo")
9/14 Free Spring/Summer 2000 Issue of WeddingBells Magazine
9/14 Toll Free Freebie - Call 1-877-yridges For a Free Can of Pringles Ridges (to the first 200,000)
9/14 Free Fluke Virtual Salesman CD-ROM
9/14 Still Valid - Free British in America Bumper Sticker
9/14 Free Booklet "Make Your Home a Power House"
9/14 Lots of New Deals and Coupons at Cool Savings
9/14 Contest - Back to School Contest at EnergyGuide (9/20)
9/14 Free Subscription to Bargain Dog(internet sales newsletter)
9/14 Contest - Win Airfare for 2, Nokia 9000il Phone or Motorola TalkAbout Radios (9/30)
9/14 Contest - Cybergold Cybersweeps II (11/9)

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