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The Latest Freebies 1/1/2000

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1/1 Free Sample "Tamer" Product
1/1 Coupon - $10 Off $30 Order and Free Shipping (under 50 pounds) at (4/15)
1/1 Free Samples From World Premier
1/1 Free Sample Shave Cream From Kiss My Face
1/1 Free Booklet "Managing Money God's Way "
1/1 Free Sample Traditional Medicinal Tea
1/1 FYI - Large List of Childrens Product Recalls
1/1 Reminder - Remember To Turn On Your All-Advantage Bar - 25 Hours Payable in January (or sign up today!)
1/1 Free Internet Service to 2800 cities in USA & Canada
1/1 Dont Miss! Robitussin DM 4oz. for $1.00, Suave Shampoo for .59¢ at
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1/1 Free Download of Gator (automatically fills in forms, no typing!) and $100 Worth of Online Coupons
1/1 Free Sample Certs Cool Drops
1/1 Free Sample Mentos Cool Chews
1/1 Coupon - $10 Off a $19.95 Order at MagsNow Code# Y2K10 (1/7)
1/1 Free Demo Tape and Stickers from The Band "Green Pumper"
1/1 New Offers and Coupons at FreeShop
1/1 Join PointClick and Receive $5 to $500 In Your Account! Please use me as the referral
1/1 Free Cassette "The Greatest Person Who Ever Lived" in Japanese
1/1 Join eCoupons For Local and Online Coupon Savings & Free Webcertificate
1/1 Free Download of Net Sonic #1 Web Accelerator
1/1 Still Valid - Coupon - $9 Off a $9 Order at Toys R Us (new customers)
1/1 Still Valid - Free Schick Razor
1/1 Free Sample Motrin® IB
1/1 Free Money Saving HoneySweet Coupons
1/1 Free Tea Sample from Tealuxe
1/1 Online Freebie - Check Your Free Daily Horoscope
1/1 New CD-Rom Software for S&H Fee
1/1 Contest and $10 Off $25 at
1/1 Free Sample Diet Supplement
1/1 Free Magazine Subscription When You Join ClubWallStreet
1/1 Free Subscription to Network Computing Magazine (must qualify, lots of magazines available)
1/1 Free U.S. Military Insignia Catalog
1/1 Lots Of Freebies at FreebieStuff
1/1 Free HollyWired Gossip Column Newsletter
1/1 Contest - Sears Adventures of Babar Contest (2/29)
1/1 Contest - Fujifilm Celebrate Your Millennium Sweepstakes (1/20)
1/1 Contest - Poetry Contest ($58,000 in prizes)
1/1 Contest - Millennium Madness Giveaway (1/1)

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