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The Latest Freebies 1/6/00

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1/6 Free 6 Month Subscription to "Pets: Part Of The Family Magazine"
1/6 Coupon - $10 Off $50 For First Time Customers at OfficeMax (3/30)
1/6 Register for Samples at MakeupMania
1/6 Online Freebie - Free Project Library at Craftnetvillage
1/6 Free Purina Pet Treats
1/6 Free Tums Magnet and Coupon
1/6 Free Sticker at HikeArizona
1/6 Free Stuff From Welcome Wagon
1/6 Free Complimentary Issue of Hand Held PC Magazine and Digital Photographer Magazine
1/6 Free Brochures and Coupons from Kramer Labs
1/6 Free Book "Surviving the Storm"
1/6 Good Deal - Bookspan Book Club - First Book is $2.95, s/h & there's no commitment to buy more
1/6 Free Issue of Tax Talk Magazine
1/6 Coupon - $10 Off $10 at MyFamily Code# 18840BDAY
1/6 Free DSL Internet Access and Offer For Free Modem
1/6 Kodak PhotoNet $5 Rebate (12/31/00)
1/6 Free Vitamins from Vitawarehouse
1/6 Choice of Free Products from
1/6 Free Issues of "Our Daily Bread"
1/6 Coupon - $10 Off at BigStar When You Join BigFoot Free E-Mail
1/6 Free Breast Cancer First-Aid Kit
1/6 Contest - Win a Penn Street Cake 1 in 10 Wins
1/6 Free Trial Contact Lenses from J&J
1/6 Free Open Text LiveLink CD-Rom
1/6 Coupon - $15 Off Your First Order at
1/6 Coupon - $5 Off Any Order at Brainstorms and/or Free Catalogicon
1/6 Free $1 Donation to the Red Cross By Clicking
1/6 Free Sample Skin Cream and Insulin Adjustment Card for Diabetics
1/6 Still Valid - Register at Sephora For A Free Beauty Product Gift
1/6 Coupon - 25% Off a $25 Order at NuttyPutty Code# 25OFF
1/6 Contest - Win a Free Hat from Bite Shoes
1/6 Free"The Temperature Handbook", Posters and More from Omega
1/6 Free Sample LiFizz Effervescent Vitamins and Health/Sports Offers
1/6 Free Video from "Go RVing"
1/6 Free Sample Lion's Grip Traction Pads, Coloring Page and Driving Tips Booklet (mail in)
1/6 Coupon - Free Shipping at JCrew Code# SHIP
1/6 Free Sample Issue of American Drag News
1/6 Good Deal - Free Pearl Necklace or Pearl Floater Illusion Necklace for $3.95 S&H
1/6 Lots Of Discount/Rebate Offers From FreeShop
1/6 Coupon - $10 Off $20 Order Code# ACMEJAN or 10% Off w/Free Shipping Code# save10 (1/9)
1/6 Coupon - $10 Off $10 at RedEnvelope Code# HOLIDAYTHANKS
1/6 Coupon - $10 Off $25 at Textbooks For Less/Varsity Books Code# suPER128e
1/6 Still Valid - Free Sample Pack of HeatPath Thermal Gel Products
1/6 Free Shout Magnet and Coupon When You Enter The Shout Sweepstakes (1/29)
1/6 Free Booklet "Backyard Conservation"
1/6 Free Sample of Noxema Skin Fitness
1/6 Free Color Printing Survival Kit
1/6 Free Sample Coloring Book From HandiLines
1/6 Free TCBY Birthday Cone and Coupons
1/6 Printable Rebate Form from Dsports (1/24)
1/6 Coupon - 40% Off at JustForFeet Code# 9000
1/6 Still Valid - Refer 10 Friends And Get Free Jacket From PowerStudents (please use my referral
1/6 Free Credit Reduction Service
1/6 Free Subscription to Today's Christian Teen Magazine
1/6 Certificate For Four Free Oil Changes when you try AutoVantage Gold for 3 months for a $1.00
1/6 Free Video and $400 Coupon from Thermospas
1/6 Free Incense Sample
1/6 Free Airline Tickets When You Take a Free 30 Day Trial at Memberworks
1/6 Free Download of Net Sonic #1 Web Accelerator
1/6 Free Food & Cooking Tip of the Day
1/6 Still Valid - Free Full-size Pokémon: The First Movie Poster
1/6 FYI- Presidential Birthday and Anniversary Cards (Age 80 and up, Or 50th or more anniversary, mail in)
1/6 Free Magazine "Crisis Edition"
1/6 Register For Charter Membership at
1/6 Free Stuff from Peta Kids
1/6 Good Deals - Winter Sale at (they accept flooz)
1/6 Contest - Win Cash and Prizes at DirectPrizes
1/6 Free Guide on High Cholesterol (1-800)
1/6 Free Bottle of All Purpose Sauce from Country Bob (select states)
1/6 Coupon - $5 Off at Cards

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