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The Latest Freebies 1/18/00

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1/18 Lots of Freebies for Newborn Twins and Triplets at TwinNet
1/18 Earn While You Surf Program from mValue (this one has a privacy guard so websites can't collect information on you, pays .50 an hour)
1/18 Still Valid - Save $100 Off Your Electricity Bill and Other Deals at (click shop)icon
1/18 Free Lotion and Glitter Lotion from Panache
1/18 Printable Form - Free Book "Chicken Soup For The Soul" Selections from Campbell's Select Soup (mail in with three labels)
1/18 Free $10.00 When You Join PayPal (no SS# needed)
1/18 Free $20 For Joining
1/18 Money Saving Coupons For Pam Cooking Spray (click specials)
1/18 Free Pow-R-Designer Demo CD-Rom
1/18 Free Picture Frame from Petopia
1/18 Free Shapedown Information Kit
1/18 Samples from Start Sampling (when available)
1/18 Still Valid - Free T-Shirt From NetCity
1/18 Coupon - $10 Off $10 at Code# 18840BDAY
Or $20 Off $35 Code# 233343CJMT
1/18 Free Unlimited 2 Minute Long Distance Calls from MyTalk
1/18 Free Seattle Film at EasyFoto
1/18 Free Gift From K-Bar Darts and Billiards (scroll to bottom, LSASE)
1/18 Coupon - $20 Off For First Time Customers at MotherNature Code# FREE20
1/18 Free Mini Coloring Book
1/18 Good Deal - At Your Office Free Papermate Dryline Correction Tape, Desk Calendar or File Box for s&h
1/18 Reference Site - Telephone Directorys, Street Guides with Reverse Lookup
1/18 Coupon - $10 Off $40 at (1/31) Code# AB7686
1/18 Free Book "God's Power for Fathers"
1/18 Free Sample of My Therapy Hot/Cold Health Product
1/18 Free Info and CD-Rom from Alcatel's Internetworking
1/18 Coupon - $10 Off $10 To First Time Customers at Overstock
1/18 Free Choice Hotels Directory
1/18 Good Deal - If The AARP Can't Cut $250 Off Your Auto Ins. You Get a Free Quartz Clock (age 50 and over)
1/18 Still Valid - Free Headset and Microphone from Visitalk
1/18 "Click" To Save The Rainforest
1/18 Still Valid - Free 10 Minute Phone Card For You And A Friend When You Send An Online Postcard
1/18 Free Faith, Happy, Harmony and Rebel Decals (LSASE)
1/18 Free Book "God Does Immeasurably More"
1/18 Free Living in the Light 14 Song Cassette
1/18 Free Subscription to DVD Magazine
1/18 Good Deal - Amazon Has Furby Buddies Reduced to 99
1/18 Freestuff From Vince & Larry's Safety City (hint: use the catalogs "Audience" search)
1/18 Contest - Valentines Day Drawing at Dwarfnet (2/14)
1/18 Free Exchange Student Booklets and Scholarship Info
1/18 Free Copy "Enable" Video
1/18 If You Missed Our Menu Page - SurveySite is Asking Men To Do A Job Satisfaction Survey (pop-up) You Can Win an Amazon Gift Certificate
1/18 Todays 3 Free Daily Internet Lotto Tickets
1/18 Audio or Video Cassettes From Better Health For S&h ($2.95 for first, $1 for 2nd, etc...)
1/18 Contest - Win a Home Depot $4500 Gift Certificate (1/20)
1/18 Contest - Win Pizza and Movies For A Year (3/23)
1/18 Free Sunflower Seeds (LSASE)
1/18 Coupon - $15 Off Your First Order of $15+ at
1/18 Coupon - $10 Off $25 at
1/18 Free Box of Purina Kitten Chow
1/18 Coupon - $10 Off $20 Code# TOUCHDOWN
or $10 Off $20 and Free Shipping Code# WINTERSALE
1/18 Free Offers At FreebieStuff 30 Minute Phone Card (jobs online) , Free Programs, Contests, Coupons, More...
1/18 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Gift Certificate from
1/18 Coupon - $5 Off a $25 Super Certificate from Code# SHRECPN25
1/18 Register For A $10 Coupon From BestBuy
1/18 Contest - Win a Week of Maid, Chauffeur and Chef Service for Your Potato Recipe (1/31)
1/18 Free Video "Uncovering the Inside Story on Nail Fungus"
1/18 Contest - Lots of Contests from Nabisco World
1/18 Two Month Trial to Freebies Magazine
1/18 Two Month Trial of Family Freebies Magazine
1/18 Free Clothing Catalog from Newport News
1/18 Free Sample Corner Enforcer
1/18 Women's Health Tip Delivered Daily In Your Email
1/18 Money Saving Coupon for Dreamery Ice Cream
1/18 Free "Support Independent Music - Planet CD" Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
1/18 Coupon - $10 Off $20 at great Entertaining Code# G9988
1/18 Free Fleece Vest When Ten Friends Join Asimba Mailing List (please use my address as referral )
1/18 Good Deal - Free "Count With Maisy" Video (requires $2.65 postage)
1/18 Free Catalog from Worm's Way Garden Supply
1/18 Join eCoupons For Local and Online Coupon Savings
1/18 Contest - Win a PalmV from SearchPerfect (5/31)
1/18 Free $5 For Registering as an Editor or Reviewer at HotRate - Get Paid More by Rating Sites (click get paid)
1/18 Sign Up To Earn Points For Cashless Auctions at Rocket8
1/18 CD-Rom Software for S&H (lots of excellent titles)
1/18 Free Seminar Ticker and Free Gift from Wade Cook
1/18 Choose a Freebie or Contest at Free2Try
1/18 Online Freebie - Printable Certificates of Achievement For Children

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