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The Latest Freebies 10/7/99

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10/7 Free Disney Cruise Line Video
10/7 Join For Online Garden Planner & More
10/7 This Months Rebates from Walgreens
10/7 Contest - St Pauli Girl "Guess Who's Hosting the Party of the Year?" Sweepstakes (10/15)
10/7 SmartFrog Online Shopping Rebates & $2.50 Bonus For Registering
10/7 Free Bragg Liquid Aminos Samples & Bragg Health Information Newsletters
10/7 Free BASF Professional Videotape for Duplication Purposes
10/7 Free Broadway Demo CD-Rom
10/7 Free Amtrak Travel Planner & Special Offers
10/7 Free Sample of Solid-Ink Refills
10/7 Free Cajun Recipe Booklet from Bruce Foods
10/7 Free Flyer, Bookmark, Bookplate & Magnet From Author Annette Blair (LSASE)
10/7 Free Capture Carpet Cleaner to The First 20 Per Day
10/7 Print Out Coupons From eCoupons
10/7 Online Freebie - Printable Door to Door Driving Directions and Maps from Avis
10/7 Free Book "The New Birth" by Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin
10/7 Free Purina® Puppy Chow® Care Kit and Video
10/7 Free Educational Materials from State Farm
10/7 Free Complimentary Issue of Hand Held PC Magazine
10/7 $15 PlanetRX Coupon & More at
10/7 New Coupons at Bookstreet (Codes - X1CA01 = $5 off minimum order of $20, X1CB02 = $10 off minimum order of $50, X1CC03 = $15 Off $100)icon
10/7 Free 6 Month Subscription To Digital Camera Magazine
10/7 Register at Cozmoz For A Handful of Golf Tees
10/7 Free Subscription to Woman's Quarterly Magazine
10/7 New Offers to Earn Cash at CyberGold
10/7 Free Gamco CD-Rom for Schools
10/7 Is Giving Away $15 Buy it Online Gift Certificates
10/7 Contest - Weekly Giveaway at Stokes Tropicals
10/7 Money Saving Coupons For Little Crow Foods
10/7 Free E-Mailed Newsletters - All Subjects To Choose From
10/7 Rebates for Prestone Products
10/7 For First Time Shoppers at PlanetRX - Spend $10 and Choose 3 Free Products
10/7 Print Out Coupon for Burleson's Honey
10/7 Online freebie - National Association of Unclaimed Property - Search by State
10/7 Free Audio Tape - "The Greatest Person Who Ever Lived" in Polish
10/7 Free Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort Video
10/7 Free Stuff from the National Pork Council
10/7 Free Demo Disk for Pastors and Christian Counselors from Maret Systems
10/7 This Months Rebates at Rite Aid
10/7 Register for Money Saving Sargento Coupons
10/7 Free Stuff for Teachers from PBA
10/7 Earn Free Gift Certificates at eTour (you no longer have to make them your start page)
10/7 Free Sample Worx Hand Cleaner from Evergreen Solutions (industrial users only)

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