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The Latest Freebies 10/11/99

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10/11 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pet Food (Limit 2) and Coupon - $5 Off a $10 Or More Purchase at PetSmart Code# CS1002 (10/31)
10/11 Contest - Harley T-Shirt Sweepstakes (12/31)
10/11 Free Sample SlimCaps Diet Supplement
10/11 BeechNut Baby Food Coupon Rebate (12/00)
10/11 Free Booklet "Spiritual DNA"
10/11 New Catalogs and Freebies at FreeShop
10/11 Free Books from The Helmsman INJOY Life Club
10/11 Contest - Yahoo! Home and Small Business Club Tour Contest (10/31)
10/11 Coupons For Empire Kosher Poultry and Food Products
10/11 Free Sample MET-Rx Source One Bar
10/11 Free Safety Video From UL (1-800)
10/11 Good Deal - CD-Rom Software Including RomTech's Galaxy of Games and Print Shop Deluxe III (s&h only)
10/11 Free Computer from Free PC
10/11 Register For a Free Apple iMac from FreeMac
10/11 Free Monitor from (to go with your free computer?)
10/11 Free FunFelt Sample and Catalog
10/11 Free Copy of UL's Room-By-Room Home Safety Tips
10/11 Free Ice Cream Scoop For Your Recipe
10/11 Free Subscription to Credenda Agenda Magazine
10/11 Money Saving Coupons on Nutrition Now® Products
10/11 Free Sample Mrs. Cubbison's Stuffin' Sack (LSASE)
10/11 All-Advantage Pays You For Being Online (this month for 25 hours!!!)
10/11 $15 PlanetRX Coupon & More at
10/11 Free Brochure and Sample Cards From Harrison Publishing
10/11 Pre-Register at For $10 Free Postage
10/11 Join Free at Speedy Barter
10/11 Free Issue St. Anthony Messenger (choose free sample and leave payment info blank)
10/11 Free Fish Food and Catalog from Grass Roots Nursery
10/11 Money Saving Coupon and Offers from Mentholatum Online
10/11 Free Sample Body Wash or Body Silk from Nature's Spirit
10/11 Free Educators Guide from Discovery Channel
10/11 Coupon - Barnes and Noble $10 Off a $10 Order CODE# CZVRCH7
10/11 Contest - Washer Dryer Duo GiveAway Sweepstakes (10/26)
10/11 Free Video and Magazine from TEAM
10/11 Free Jazzercise Class and Catalog
10/11 Enter Our Weekly and Monthly Contests
10/11 Free Pet Feeding Guide From Happy Paws
10/11 Still Valid - Choice of Free Video from Family Wonders (s&h)
10/11 Free Meditation and Self-Healing Tape
10/11 Free Book "New Life in Christ"
10/11 Free Louisiana Travel Kit And Highway Map
10/11 A Dozen GolfBalls for $1.00 When You Pay With A Visa Card
10/11 Promotions and Online Coupons from Visa
10/11 Over 300 Free Catalogs to Choose From
10/11 Still Valid - Free Sample of Clinique's Happy Cologne For Men
10/11 Free Sample Tea from Tealuxe
10/11 Free Activity Kit "Helping Your Child Learn Math"
10/11 Lots of Contests to Enter
10/11 Register For a $10 Coupon For You And A Friend at SmarterKids
10/11 Free Copy of the New Testament (also Free Jesus Video for Non-USA Addresses)
10/11 Free Sample Biofreeze® Pain Relief (LSASE)
10/11 Free Subscription to Bargain Dog (internet sales newsletter)
10/11 Free Subscription to Internet World
10/11 Win a Digital Camera From Zing!
10/11 Four Free Trial Issues of U.S. News Magazine

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