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The Latest Freebies 10/19/99

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FREE Personalized Emergency Medical Profile
Help To Support Your Daily Freebies
10/19 Lots Of Free Offers at Direct Freebies
10/19 Contest - "Easy Money" Contest from Career Magazine
10/19 Free Rice Brochures (write in)
10/19 Free Sample Latex Gloves for Medical, Dental, Fire Rescue, Nursing Home, Correction Institutions, Industrial, and Food Service Professionals
10/19 Contest - Win $25,000 from Mercata PowerBuys
10/19 Free John Deere Kids Club (write in)
10/19 Lots of Free Brochures from HunterDouglas Window Fashions
10/19 Harris Teeter's "Teeter Tots" Baby Club
10/19 Free Books and CD-Rom from Cognos
10/19 Coupon - $5 Off any Order at KB Kids Code# Geab188897
10/19 Free Mousepad from Magnetic Image
10/19 Contest & Free Fast Company Subscription - Win a Compaq Aero 8000 Handheld PC (11/1)
10/19 Good Deal - Two Free Pokémon Figures and Herbal Tea When You Order $5 or More from AllHerb
10/19 Free Magazine "Right From Wrong"
10/19 This Weeks Savings and Coupons at Cool Savings
10/19 Free CD-Rom Demos at National Instruments
10/19 Free Carpet Buyers Guide CD-Rom and Rebate (12/99)
10/19 Free Sample NuFace Cosmetics (randomly sends out 100 free samples per day)
10/19 Free Bookmarks and Contest at (LSASE)
10/19 Contest - Win a Copy of Norton Antivirus at SQC (daily)
10/19 Free Sample Chocolate and Coupon from Green River Chocolates
10/19 Coupon - $10 Off At Red Envelope Code# REDCARPET3 (new customers only 11/5)
10/19 Coupon - Free Shipping at Flowers and Gifts Code# MBHN9LALjm (11/1)
10/19 Free Videos, Newspapers, Books For Students and Teachers
10/19 Free Sample from RXI Plastics
10/19 Good Deal - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Software at eToys (also Halloween Costume Sale and Coupon Code# C9464
$5 Off $25 of Halloween Items)
10/19 Find Sales At Your Local Stores With Shopping List
10/19 Free Trippelmask Film Sleeves For Photographers
10/19 Coupon - $15 Off Your Order at (10/31)
10/19 Online Freebie - Free Download "Social Security - Compute Your Own Benefit Estimate"
10/19 Free Sticker from Chronic Future
10/19 Free Mug and Shipping When You Order from InstantShip
10/19 Free CD-Roms from Autodesk
10/19 Still Valid - Free 150 MP3 Song Cd from Riffage
10/19 Free Superfund for Kids Coloring Posters
10/19 Join MyPoints for Gift Certificates
10/19 Coupon - Free Shipping at Code# CC60901 (11/15) or $10 Off a $35+ Order Code# C10611 (10/31)
10/19 Contest - Contests at
10/19 Free Bible Samplers From New Living Translation
10/19 Free Birthday Gift for Children 16 and Under from Pook's Corner
10/19 Special Deals at PlanetRx & For New Customers (Don't Miss This) Three Free Offer
10/19 Free Info on Adzorbstar Odor Control
10/19 Free Diet Pocket Plan/Journal
10/19 New Coupon, Craft and FreeStuff Free Newsletters (Choose as many as you want)
10/19 Contest - Win Eukanuba and Iams Dog & Cat Foods For A Year (also register for coupons/offers)
10/19 Free Catalogs For October
10/19 Free All Star Sportsbook Casino - Play For Fun or For Real
10/19 Free 2000 Prayer Calendar from Billy Graham
10/19 Free Vacation Discounter Catalog
10/19 Online Freebie - Create Webpages At Tripod - With Tons of Perks
10/19 Free Stuff From Coleman Kids Club (ages 6 - 11)
10/19 Three Free Tickets To Todays Lotto - Win cash for picking 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers correctly
10/19 Free Edutainment Catalog
10/19 Good Deal - Free 3 Hole Punch for S&H (click view all specials)
10/19 Coupon - $10 Off a $15 Order at Code# 46302165268 (10/30)
10/19 Free Peanut Butter Recipe Brochure
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