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The Latest Freebies 10/22/99

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10/22 Update - $10 Off Your First Order at Toys R Us, Now With Free Shipping (11/1)
10/22 Coupons For Empire Kosher Poultry and Food Products
10/22 Coupon - Holiday Inn "Second Night Free" 11/11 - 2/27
10/22 Five Free Packets of Fresch Mints (LSASE)
10/22 Free "Universal Fuzz Device" Band Sticker
10/22 Lots of Freebies for Healthcare Professionals and Retailers/Suppliers from Wellness Way
10/22 Free Compose Panty and Pad System
10/22 Contest and Free Pillsbury Doughboy Party Planner
10/22 Free "Total WAN Solutions" Mousepad
10/22 Contest - Win A Free Bedding Ensemble & Accessories at Cribs-2-Go (11/5)
10/22 Contest - Monthly Drawing at The Green Turtle Basket Company
10/22 Register for $10 Free Postage from
10/22 Money Saving Coupon for Benecol
10/22 Coupon - $20 of a $50 Order at ShopSports (10/31)
10/22 Register at PointClick for $5 (in your account) Please use me as the referral:
10/22 Free Sampler CD For Teachers From Bytes of Learning
10/22 Free Prayer/Healing Cloth from Grail Christian Church (LSASE)
10/22 Contest - Free Tea To The First 1000 Winning Entries - Weekly
10/22 Contest - Hourly Contest at Gap Online
10/22 Free Natrol Samples and Coupons (sign guestbook)
10/22 Still Valid - Free 30 Minute Phone Card from WorldVillage
10/22 New Offers at FreeShop
10/22 Service Merchandise Diamond Solitaire Millennium Sweepstakes (monthly)
10/22 Contest - Win a Home in Florida (10/31)
10/22 Printale Coupon for Kibbles 'n Bits Dog Food
10/22 Free Tape "Trusting Jesus in the Storms of Life"
10/22 Free Vitamins from HealthWatcher
10/22 Money Saving Coupons and Free Hat Offer from Marcal
10/22 Free Online Party Planner E-Mail Site
10/22 Contest - Holiday Sweepstakes & Free Catalog (12/15)
10/22 Free Video from Gardel Plastic Surgery Institute (1-800)
10/22 Register at ACOP Free Products and Payment of $3.00 to $10.00 Per Survey
10/22 Join All-Advantage and Earn Money For Using The Internet (good way to pay for internet service)
10/22 Test Drive a Saturn For a $25 Gift Certificate
10/22 Free Vegetarian Starter Pack from PETA
10/22 Free Calendar from The Environmental Defense Fund
10/22 Free "Prove It Kit" To Avoid Computer Disasters
10/22 Online Freebie - Free Education For Educators (Free online courses, tutorials, and activities)
10/22 Contests - 3 Sweepstakes at Bordersicon
10/22 Coupon - FogDog - $10 Off a $25 Order Code# BBT10 Or 20% Off Total Code# A4J20 (10/30)
10/22 Rebate - Up To $400 Worth of Free Products at When You Order MSN Internet Service
10/22 Register With And Receive a $10 Coupon
10/22 Register at eCoupons For Your Area Coupons and Internet Coupons and Gift Certificates
10/22 Free Book From The Protestant Hour
10/22 Great Bookmark - Hoax, Myth, Fraud, Chain Letter and Anti-Spam Sites
10/22 Free Samples from American Emporium
10/22 Lots of Free Brochures on Corrugated PVC Panel Products
10/22 Free Holiday Shopping Catalogsicon
10/22 Free "Kaleidoscope Cuisine" Recipe Booklet (mail in)
10/22 Free Sample from VNF Nutrition
10/22 Three Free Tickets To Todays Lotto - Win cash for picking 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers correctly
10/22 Money Saving Coupon for Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent

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