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The Latest Freebies 10/26/99

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Free 30 Minute Phone Card From Jobs.Online
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10/26 Free Video "Operation Decoration with Safety Man" and Holiday Home Safety Checklist (1-800)
10/26 Free Newsletters from Habitat For Humanity International
10/26 Free Sample H.O.T. Sauce (LSASE)
10/26 Contest - Happy Texas Perfect Getaway Sweepstakes (11/10)
10/26 Free T-Shirt, Baseball Cap or Calendar from Lunar Electrical (NJ only?)
10/26 Good Buy - MultiBuyer is Offering the Movie "Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me" For S&H
10/26 Coupon - $5.00 Off a $45 Order at (free shipping, gift wrap and gift, too)icon
10/26 Free Copy Of "At Home In America" Homeschoolers Newspaper
10/26 Free Pet Care Brochures For Veterinarians/Offices
10/26 Free Scholastic Magazines for Teachers
10/26 Contest - Win a $4000 Car Stereo
10/26 Free Wall Charts for Medical Professionals
10/26 Promotions and Online Coupons from Visa
10/26 Lots of Free Catalogs
10/26 Free Income Opportunity Magazines
10/26 Free 5 Minute Video "The Pregnancy Bracelet"
10/26 Free Wise Giving Guide from National Charities Information Bureau
10/26 Free Gold Earrings From WowGold
10/26 Still Valid - Free Cookbook from Campbell's
10/26 Contest - Get Connected Sweepstakes from Ex'cla-ma'tion (11/30)
10/26 Free Gifts For Taking Suveys at Element USA For Ages 12 - 24 (please use referral # 109305 )
10/26 Register For A $15 Coupon from CountryMall
10/26 Free Dog Training Manual From Alpo (1-800)
10/26 Free Sample Cards for Businesses from Harrison Publishing
10/26 Coupon - Visa Users Receive $100 Off a $200 Order (or 1/2 off orders under $200) at Value America
10/26 Register For 20 Value America Dollars
10/26 Free After Rebate Software at Value America (register for the above coupons first)
10/26 Join Evite For Free Gifts (create a Halloween Evite for 8 friends and get a free bag of candy)
10/26 Free Kits and Posters
10/26 Search for More Educational Freebies (book, sticker, kit, etc)
10/26 Free Holiday Happenings Music Sampler
10/26 Free Sample Kit When You Register at Day-Timer
10/26 Free Samples and Catalogs at Storey's Gardeners' Marketplace
10/26 Contest - Daily Smoke Detector Giveaway from Sentry (10/31)
10/26 Register for Coupons/Offers from Sargento
10/26 Update - Starting Today You Can Download $5 - $10 Free Postage from
10/26 Free Gift from Discount Fragrance
10/26 Free Book "Is There Not A Cause?"
10/26 Still Valid - Free T-shirt from iWant
10/26 Still Valid - Free T-Shirt from Third Voice
10/26 Coupon - $10 Off Any Order at
10/26 Free Sample Acne Cream (LSASE)
10/26 Free Coupon Software From
10/26 Free Catalog and Sample from Letters Unlimited
10/26 Register at ACOP Free Products and Payment of $3.00 to $10.00 Per Survey
10/26 Free Start Up CD-Rom From Juno E-Mail
10/26 Register at eCoupons For Your Area Coupons and Internet Coupons and Gift Certificates
10/26 Free Download of "Gator" Program and $50 in Online Coupons
10/26 Lots of Contests to Enter
10/26 Free Bible Studies on Cassette and "Welcome to the Family of God" Handbook
10/26 Coupon - $5 Off a $10 Or More Purchase at PetSmart Code# SMARTPET or $10 Off $20 Code# BIGDOG112 or BIGDOG111
10/26 Coupon - $10 Off Any Order (plus free candle for limited time) at Code# USA

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