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The Latest Freebies 11/2/99

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11/2 Heinz Ketchup Contest Win $500 For Your Recipe (12/31)
11/2 Free Sample Belgium Chocolate Covered Popcorn
11/2 Free Recovery Version New Testament Study Bible
11/2 Free Online Weight and Diet Assessment, Sample Personalized Diet and Chance To Win $1000 at eDiets
11/2 Free Sample Bindi Dots (LSASE)
11/2 Free "The Love of God is Creative to Infinity" Video and Others
11/2 Join the Pro Plan® Pro Club® For Puppy Starter Kits, Rebate and Todays Breeder Magazine
11/2 Free Kitten Starter Kits from Pro Plan® Pro Club®
11/2 Coupon - $20 Off a $30 Order at Petopia (11/15)
11/2 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at Reelcom Code# REELPREMIER (free shipping in November)
11/2 Free Garden Seeds from Morning Glory Seed Company (LSASE)
11/2 Still Valid - Free 27-Shot Flash Camera
11/2 Back Again - Honorary Elf Diploma to Print Out
11/2 Free Sample Patch Attach Glue
11/2 Wedding Coupons by State
11/2 Free Dosage Chart From Pfizer Animal Health *every 20th request gets a free coffee mug
11/2 Contest - Choice of Sweepstakes at Marvel Comics
11/2 Still Valid - Free Sample Imodium A-D
11/2 Free Nissan Maxima Brochure & Video (click contact)
11/2 Contest - Win a Puppet at ePuppet (drawing every other week)
11/2 Contest - Win Reader Rabbit Software From SQC (daily)
11/2 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at Fogdog Code# FWY10
11/2 Coupon - $5 Off a $10 Order and Free Shipping from Code# SMARTPET or $10 off $20 Code# beagle (can not be used with the buy 1 get 1 free food offer)
11/2 Coupon - $5.00 Off Your First Order at The White Tiger Code# 051115
11/2 Free Sample Copy of Fishing and Hunting News
11/2 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at (12/31)
11/2 Free Sample and Catalog from Richco Hardware
11/2 Coupon - Gift Certificate to Baby Gap/Gap Kids When You Order $75 at eToys, and Other Offers
11/2 Free Subscription Three-Years, Fully-Paid, of Popular Photography
11/2 Free CLC Heat Transfer Paper Sample Pack
11/2 Instant Win Contest - 20,000 Prizes from Reader's Digest
11/2 Free Booklets from The American Institute for Cancer Research
11/2 Free Sample from Zia Natural Skincare
11/2 Contest - Win a $10,000 Shopping Spree in NYC
11/2 Free Issue of Nordic News Cross Country Skiing Magazine
11/2 Free Sample Sokoff Cleaning Fluid (click contact us)
11/2 Free Newsletter - Windows 98 Tip of the Day
11/2 Good Deal - Free T-Shirt and Shipping With Any Order (they have 3pk Sports Socks for 4.99)From
11/2 Coupon - Register For a $20 Off $50 Order Coupon from Overstockicon
11/2 Apply For A Free Computer from Free Desktops
11/2 Contest - Win a T-Shirt from medIQuiz (20 winners monthly)
11/2 Contest - Win a Life Savers Tin Train (11/30)
11/2 Coupon - $20 Coupon from Snap Shopping
11/2 Free Book from HCI When You Fill Out Survey
11/2 Rebates and Palm Pilot Contest at
11/2 Coupon - Free Shipping at WholeFoods Code# 9FS019B9 or Free Shipping and 20% Off For First Time Customers Code# 9FS032D4 (they accept flooz)
11/2 Free Guide on High Cholesterol
11/2 Lots of New FreeShop Offers
11/2 Coupon - $10 Off a $40 Order at iBaby Code# DD0810A
11/2 Free Purina Pet Treats
11/2 Coupon - $10 Off a $10 Order at PlanetRx CODE# BARNES1 (first time customers?) or $15 Off Any Order Code# FOOD
11/2 Free Sample Euro Spice
11/2 Instant Win Contest - Over 8,000 Prizes From
11/2 Free Microscale Chemistry Sampler Kit and More For Science Teachers and Student Teachers
11/2 Free Brochures and Coupons from Kramer Labs
11/2 Register at PointClick for $5 (in your account) Please use me as the referral:
11/2 Coupon - 50% Off at SmarterKids
11/2 Contest - Win a Palm III From Career Mosaic (weekly)
11/2 Free Book "Helping Your Child Learn Math"
11/2 Free Kits for Automotive Dealers
11/2 Join BigStar Movie Newsletter for Promotional Offers
11/2 Coupon - Register Or Add To Your Account $50 Value America ValueDollars
11/2 Coupon - 20% Off Any Order at Code# MYEVENTS
11/2 Free Demo CD-Rom from Seagate Software
11/2 Contest - Cybergold Cybersweeps II (11/9)
11/2 Free Gift From UE Ultrasound Systems
11/2 Contest - Win a Ducati 900 Supersport Motorcycle (11/30)
11/2 Lots of Free Fundraising Brochures from FundRaising Direct
11/2 Free SpeedyBucks from SpeedyBarter Auction
11/2 Coupon - $10 off $10 Order Coupon From Barnes and Noble Code# CTREATS (11/15)
11/2 Still Valid - Free $15 Flooz Gift Certificate When You Ask For A Priceline Hotel Quote (even if your quote is $1.00)
11/2 Still Valid - Samples from Xttrium (1-800)
11/2 Rebates and Coupons from Dash
11/2 CD-Rom Software for Shipping and Handling

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