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The Latest Freebies 11/10/99

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11/10 Free Christmas Cards and Gift Tags from Decor Diva (LSASE, 11/30)
11/10 Money Saving Coupons from Super Pretzel
11/10 Free Samples from Custom Products & Services, Inc.
11/10 Points for the Holidays Sweepstakes Win a $10,000 Shopping Spree at My Points
11/10 Still Valid - Free Weyerhaeuser First Choice Paper
11/10 FYI- Presidential Birthday and Anniversary Cards (Age 80 and up, Or 50th or more anniversary, mail in)
11/10 Free Computer and Internet Access from Free PC
11/10 Free Issue of Senior Selections® Magazine & Cookbook
11/10 Contest - Win A T-Shirt or Hat From New Pig (weekly)
11/10 Free Debt Reduction Analysis
11/10 Webmaster Freebie - Paid Advertising For Your Website
11/10 Free Booklet "Fasting: The Feast Which Frees"
11/10 Coupon - Spend $75 at Toytime and Get a $20 Coupon On Your Next Order (11/25)
11/10 Free Microsoft Update Patches
11/10 FYI - Internet Fraud Watch
11/10 Free Leather Samples at Demers Leather Sales
11/10 Free Audio Tape "In Everything Give Thanks"
11/10 Contest - Win a Kodak Camera from Visual Sound (11/30)
11/10 Free Sample Issue of American Drag News
11/10 Free Airline Tickets When You Take a Free 30 Day Trial at Memberworks
11/10 Rebate Offer - Free Rosina Basketball or Rosina Soccer Ball (print out)
11/10 Free Year Subscription to The Herald Magazine
11/10 Free Magazine "Right From Wrong"
11/10 Free Shout Magnet and Coupon When You Enter The Shout Sweepstakes
11/10 Coupon - $10 Off at (11/17)
11/10 Still Valid - Free Sample Herbal Essences Facial Care Products
11/10 Free Gifts For Taking Suveys at Element USA Ages 12 - 25 (please use referral # 109305 )
11/10 Free Student Workbook on Employability and Work Maturity Skills for Teachers
11/10 Free Purina Dog Chow Celebrity Dog Calendar
11/10 Free Purina Cat Chow Celebrity Cat Calendar
11/10 Free Holiday Brochures from Reynolds Wrap
11/10 Free Scrap Gold Recycle Kit
11/10 Good Deal - Free DVD with $25 Purchase at BigStar
11/10 Free Internet Dialup Access from DotNow
11/10 Free Sample Primo Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
11/10 Free Year Subscription to New Choices Magazine
11/10 Free Stock Market CD-Rom from Worden Brothers
11/10 Coupon - 40% Off One Item at REI Code# 97M4 (11/30)
11/10 Free Magazine, Comic Book, Newspaper and More from Fund for Animals
11/10 Web Page Power Pack-2 CD-Rom Software for S&H
11/10 Good Buy - Check Out The Specials at (they have Secret 2.7 oz. for $1.00 - no shipping charge)icon
11/10 Free T-Shirt and Coupon Welcome Gift From Beckett
11/10 Free Sample "Scrubs" Cleaning Wipes
11/10 Free Subscription to Zion's Fire Magazine
11/10 Contest - Win 6 Dozen Personalized Golf Balls From Wilson (monthly)
11/10 Still Valid - Free 3 Year Subscription to Popular Photography
11/10 Free Tickets To Todays Online Lotto - Win cash for picking 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers correctly
11/10 Contest Page - Lots To Choose From
11/10 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at Toys R Us Code# BIGBOOK
11/10 Free After Rebate Products at Cyber Rebate
11/10 Free Sample "Intelectol Memory Pill"
11/10 Free Magnet and Family Website from FamilyPoint (LSASE)
11/10 Free Chemical Safety Glove Sample
11/10 Contest - Victoria's Holiday Traditions Sweepstakes (11/17)
11/10 Free Health Related Audio Tapes
11/10 Free Newsletter w/Coupons "Fresh Chicken Solutions from Tyson Holly Farms"
11/10 Free BargainDog e-mailed Internet Sale Sheet
11/10 Free Estate Planning Packet And Audio Tapes from Family Radio (1-800)
11/10 Contest - Win a $1000 Shopping Spree at Alloy (11/30)
11/10 Free Sticker From FatRides
11/10 Good Deal - Choose an Item for $1.00 at iChristian
11/10 Print Out a $5 Coupon to Glamour Shots

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