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The Latest Freebies 11/16/99

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11/16 Free AARP Discount Directory
11/16 Free Straight Talk About Tobacco Info Packet
11/16 Free Anti-Virus Software from Microsoft
11/16 Free Patch Attach Glue
11/16 Coupon and Contest - Enter to Win a Sony VAIO PictureBook (1/26), Then Enter To Win The Car and You Will Be Emailed a $25 Coupon from Onvia
11/16 Free Sample Shampoo from Nisim
11/16 Free Bible on Cassette for Those Sight-Impaired or Print-Handicapped
11/16 Free Sample Imitrex® (sumatriptan) Nasal Spray Device For Migraines
11/16 Contest - Win a Digital Cell Phone (11/24)
11/16 Free Salsa Sample from Salsasanantonio (LSASE)
11/16 Free Lay Ministry '99 Event Video (for pastors)
11/16 Good Deal - Free Pokémon Trading Cards & Tea W/$10 Order Or 2 Packs w/$15 Order at AllHerb
11/16 Still Valid - Contest and Free Goody Bag from Ziploc Holiday Bags
11/16 The Berkeley Personality Profile CD-Rom "Who Do You Think You Are?" (S&H)
11/16 Free Sample "Import" from World Trade Plan
11/16 Free Sample Flax Seed (LSASE)
11/16 Free Catalogs from Sears
11/16 Free Issue Of "Bridge Today" Magazine from Bridge Today University
11/16 Lots of Free Publications from The Congregation of God Seventh Day
11/16 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at (free shipping in November) Code# REELWEST
11/16 Contest - Win a Cheesecake at Cheesecake City (weekly)
11/16 Free "Math is Power Poster" (1-800)
11/16 Free Knox Luscious Low Fat Recipe Booklet and Coupon
11/16 Free "Law In A Flash" Interactive Software Cd-Rom & Care Package To Law Students
11/16 Free Subscription to The Family Tree Maker Magazine
11/16 Coupon - $10 Gift Certificate from ShopNow
11/16 Register For A $20 Coupon from Petopia (off a $30 order)icon
11/16 Free Copy of Spring/Summer 2000 Wedding Magazine
11/16 Free Copy of Berks "Make It Right" Recipe Booklet
11/16 Contest - Daily Software Contest at SQC
11/16 Free Sports Injury Prevention Guide and ACE® Brand Rebate
11/16 Free Sample Cookie from Good Cookies
11/16 Coupon - $10 Off $25 Order at Amazon Code# GREAT-PRESENT
11/16 Lots Of Free Offers at Direct Freebies
11/16 Register For a $15 Gift Certificate From Bolt Store (postage is $5 for one item, no credit card needed for orders under $9.99)
11/16 Your Choice of Coupons on Nutrition Now® Products
11/16 Good Deal - Flash Sale at PlanetRX (while supplies last CK1 Giftset was $8.99, Click "Home" Tab)
11/16 Online Freebie - Send an Emailed Thanksgiving Card from American Greetings
11/16 Contest - Jump In A Jeep Sweepstakes (2/28)
11/16 Todays Free Lotto Tickets
11/16 Register at For Sales and Contest Alerts
11/16 Free Video (up to $15) from Family Wonders or Buy 1 Get 2 Free (s&h)
11/16 Instant Contest - 1-800-Call ATT "Gobbler Getaway" Sweepstakes (12/3)
11/16 Good Deal - Free Imation Neon 3-1/2" Diskettes with Clear Case for S&H (click on View All Specials)
11/16 Free Austin Powers T-Shirt to The First 2000
11/16 Coupon - $5 Off a $20 Order at Beauty Buys

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