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The Latest Freebies 11/19/99

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11/19 Free Cookie From Mrs. Fields Kids Birthday Club
11/19 Free Subscription to Woman's Quarterly Health Magazine
11/19 Coupon - $10 Gift Certificate from The Sports Authority
11/19 Instant Win Contest - The Sports Authority Big Game Sweepstakes (11/29)
11/19 Instant Win Contest - JuicyFruit Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes (12/12)
11/19 Free Six Month Subscription to Fitness Swimmer Magazine
11/19 Free Year Subscription to Bike Magazine
11/19 Free Puppy Scrapbook from Purina
11/19 Free Sticker from Statica (LSASE)
11/19 Free Subscription to "Confident Living" Newspaper
11/19 Coupon - $25 Off Your First Order at PlanetRX Code# EBAY25
11/19 Coupon - $15 Off a $15 Order at Petopia (11/26)
11/19 Kids Can Join Nikolai's Clubhouse for "Cool Free Stuff"
11/19 Free T-Shirt and Samples from Chemical Depot Environmentally Safe Cleaner (must qualify)
11/19 Free Sample Bird Guard Strip
11/19 Still Valid - Free 2Lt Diet Coke and Rewards Program
11/19 Free Y2K Test For your Computer icon
11/19 Free Year 2000 Wellness Diary and Calendar, Wellness Charts, Posters and More (must qualify)
11/19 Free CD-Rom and Up To $10 In Free Postage from
11/19 Coupon - $10 Off at Healthshop Code# DECPREV (no minimum, all customers)
11/19 Free $10 Amazon Gift Certificate When You Send 10 eCards from
11/19 Coupon - $10 Gift Certificate at MC Sports
11/19 Free 2 Week Guest Pass to Bally Total Fitness Centers
11/19 Free Pet Toy When You Register at AcmePet
11/19 Rebates and Palm Pilot Contest at Office Max
11/19 Free Catalog/Cd-Rom's And Contest For Teachers at Curriculum Associates
11/19 Register With Avery For Free Samples and Promotions
11/19 New Bumper Stickers from CSE
11/19 Join The Pampers Mailing List for Coupons
11/19 Free Catalog From Puritans Pride
11/19 Still Valid - Free Sample Olbas Oil
11/19 Contest - Win a Pokeman Lawn Ornament
11/19 Free Fragrance Sample from Giorgio Beverly Hills
11/19 Free LearnIT Sampler CD-Rom
11/19 FYI - Mac Users Can Now Be Part Of All-Advantage Beta Program
11/19 Free Booklet From Tiny Times Magazine
11/19 Coupon - $10 Off $45 Order (free shipping and gift wrapping) at Code# 46302165268
11/19 Free Sample Beans From Riley Foods International (food service)
11/19 Contest - Free Y2K Bible Giveaway Contest
11/19 Receive Our Free Freestuff Newsletters (daily, weekly, and others!)
11/19 Still Valid (don't miss this one!) Register For a $15 Gift Certificate From Bolt Store (postage is $5 for one item, no credit card needed for orders under $9.99)
11/19 Free Audio Tape "Longevity's Missing Link"
11/19 Still Valid - Free Disposable 27-Shot Flash Camera
11/19 Free Sample from Physique Hair Products
11/19 Online Freebie - Free Project Library at Craftnetvillage
11/19 Good Deal - Free Gourmet Coffee Syrup When You Buy North Coast Coffee
11/19 Free WiseSkills Information Packet for Teachers
11/19 Contest - Pepcid ACís "Millennium Time Capsule 2000 Sweepstakes" (12/2)
11/19 Free Sample from Harmon Corp. (line of protective and decorative caps, grips, plugs and tapes)
11/19 Coupon - $15 Off a $25 Order at BuyItOnline Mall
11/19 Coupon - $10 Off Your First Order at DVD Express (12/31)
11/19 Contest - CityBug Scooters Sweepstakes (11/30)

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