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The Latest Freebies 12/14/99

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12/14 Join Club Burpee For Catalogs, Specials and Promotions
12/14 Amazon Refer-A-Friend Program (earn a $5 gift certificate for each friend you refer)
12/14 Free Book About Social Security Privatization
12/14 Coupon - $20 Off $50 at Tavalo
12/14 Free Music Cassette "Raised From The Ruins"
12/14 Free Trial Membership to BJ's Wholesale Club w/No Surcharge (12/31)
12/14 Contest - Win a Trip to Cancun (2/12)
12/14 Free Colonel Sanders' Secret Recipe Book (LSASE)
12/14 Free Shipping at ProFlowers (tuesday - friday) Code# ALLEN (12/15)
12/14 Free Pregnancy Planning Guide CD-Rom
12/14 Free Wedding Planner CD-Rom
12/14 Free Sample Video from VideoText Interactive's "Algebra: A Complete Video Course"
12/14 Lots Of Pokeman Merchandise - Free After Rebate at CyberRebate
12/14 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Gift Certificate at Code# PD122599
12/14 Free Sticker and Catalog from PirateGolf
12/14 $10 In Your Account From PointClick - They give you $5 for signing up & $5 To Take The Site Tour! Please Use Me As Referral -
After You Register - Take The Site Tour
12/14 Contest - Naughty or Nice Instant Win Sweepstakes
12/14 Free Supplements from B-Fat-Free
12/14 Good Deals - Rebates and Special Deals at PlanetRx
12/14 Coupon - $25 Gift Certificate from C-Tribe
12/14 Coupon - $15 Off $30 at Code# 12BBB
12/14 Check For Sales At Your Area Stores with ShoppingList
12/14 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Gift Certificate at Giftpoint
12/14 Online Freebie - Free MountainZone Screensavers
12/14 Still Valid - Free Kwanzaa Poster
12/14 Free Wedding Invitation Catalog from American Stationary Co.
12/14 Lots of Holiday Deals When You Sign Up For a Microsoft Passport
12/14 Free "Good Health" Brochure from California Tomato Commission (LSASE)
12/14 Coupon - $10 Off and Free Shipping (no minimum) at BigEdge Sports Coupon Code# BE5E1A4R (register first for reward points, Please Use Me As Referral -
12/14 Free Samples from Champion Paper
12/14 Free Tickets To Tonight's Internet Lotto
12/14 Coupon - $10 Off a $14.99 Order at CD Now (first time customers 1/15)
12/14 Contest - Wizard of Oz Contest and $10 Discount on Gift Certificate
12/14 Free Shipping at 1-800-Flowers Code# MS2 (12/18)
12/14 Free Jesus First Pins and Other Freebies from Old Time Gospel Hour
12/14 New Coupons and Discounts at Cool Savings
12/14 Coupon - $20 Off an $80 Order and Free Shipping at JCrew Code# SV5-759
12/14 Updated Link - Over 15,000 Free Travel Brochures, Maps & Guides
12/14 Free Issue of Health Innovations Magazine
12/14 Free Copy of DVEreview Monthly (digital video editing)
12/14 Free Catalog from Russell's For Men
12/14 Buy Vitamin C or Bayer Asprin for $1 at --Forever! Get the same prices and FREE SHIPPING for life on all products you buy now at
12/14 Coupon - $10 Off a $10 Order For New Customers at (12/19)
12/14 Free Brochures and Medical EyeCare for Senior Citizens from The National Eye Care Project® (must qualify)
12/14 Free Magnet and Note Card from Sonoran Bounty
12/14 WebMasters - Paying Sponsors For Your Website
12/14 Good Deal - Sign Up With ClickPrint For Special Deals (100 free business cards, 500 free address labels, or 1 free pre-inked stamp $4.95 s&h)
12/14 Coupon - 20% Off at Gazoontite Online Code# FN7777
12/14 Lots of Games and Contests at LifeSavers Candystand
12/14 Still Valid - Free Copy of "Christmas Meditations"
12/14 Register For Dryper Diaper Coupons
12/14 Sign Up at Travelocity For A $10 Discount at
12/14 Free Gooey Program - Chat with people all over the world *while* surfing the net, Shop with a friend! Also, Instant Messaging/Buddies with Reverse list - check who lists you!
12/14 Good Deal - 200+ Products Free After Rebate at CyberRebate Today
12/14 Free Internet Service to 2800 cities in USA & Canada
12/14 Free Netscape Communicator CD-Rom and Free Internet Access from Freewwweb Creek Press

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