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The Latest Freebies 12/15/99

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12/15 Coupon - $25 Gift Certificate with $75 Purchase and Free Shipping at SkyMall (12/31)
12/15 Still Valid - Free U.S. Women's Soccer Team Poster
12/15 Good Deal - Free Pearl Necklace or Pearl Floater Illusion Necklace for $3.95 S&H
12/15 Coupon - $20 Off a $40 Order at IBeauty Code# IBEAUTY
12/15 Free Trvel Mug When You Register with GiftMe
12/15 Lots of Free Stuff For Teachers
12/15 Contest - ToyTime $500 A Day Sweepstakes (12/25)
12/15 Contest - "Big Words Sweepstakes" (2/15)
12/15 Updated Link - Over 100 Free Newsletters (contest, shopping, humor, freebies, kids, etc)
12/15 Free Sample Revolution Body Jewelry To Businesses
12/15 Lots of Free Software, Demos and Downloads
12/15 Free Lawn Tractor Video from John Deere
12/15 Free Cassette Tape From The Band "Eternity X"
12/15 Coupon - 33% Off Your Order at SelfCare and Free Shipping on Orders of $40 or Moreicon
12/15 New Coupons at Bookstreet (Codes - X1CA01 = $5 off minimum order of $20, X1CB02 = $10 off minimum order of $50, X1CC03 = $15 Off $100)icon
12/15 Coupon - $50 Off $95 Order from MyFamily Code# 19282MYFM (12/23)
12/15 Stil Valid - Free Sample CoricidinHBP® Cold & Flu Medicine
12/15 Free Rose Cluster Sample Stationery Package with Brochure
12/15 Money Saving Coupon From Revlon Cosmetics
12/15 Free Garden Seeds from Garden Crazy
12/15 Free Booklet "Looking and Longing for Heaven"
12/15 Coupon - $30 Off A $50 Purchase at Buy It Online
12/15 Rebates and Contests from Cannon
12/15 Free Kodak prints from Ofoto
12/15 contest - Big Football Game in Atlanta Sweepstakes (12/26)
12/15 Free Sample "Perfect Solution" Supplement
12/15 Free Gifts For Taking Suveys at Element USA (please use referral # 109305 )
12/15 Free Sample of Organic Coffee from Cafe Canopy
12/15 Free Copy of Wood Beautiful Magazine and Free Booklet Under "What's New"
12/15 Expires Today - $30 Rebate on a $30 Order at Family Wonder
12/15 Coupon - $10 Off a $20 Order at KB Kids Code# G29e24a17f or 10% Off Code# G19CO6f17f
12/15 Register For a $10 Toysmart Coupon and/or $10 Off $20 Order Code# HC099910
12/15 Free Sample Pack of Heat Transfer Paper
12/15 Free Recipe Book, Recipe Cards & Restaurant Guide from The Catfish Institute
12/15 Coupon - $10 off a $20 Order at Gourmet Giving and Other Coupon Offers
12/15 Still Valid - Register at Sephora For A Free Beauty Product Gift
12/15 Free "Eggs Across America" Recipe Booklet
12/15 Contests, Promotions and $10 Coupon at DVD Express
12/15 Free Maps of San Francisco
12/15 Join eBates For Free and They Will Donate 10 Meals To Hunger Relief
12/15 New Titles at FreeShop Catalogs
12/15 Free Study Guide "Abraham, Friend of God"
12/15 coupon - $10 Gift Certificate When You Register at Zappos
12/15 Still Valid - Free Sample Tasters Choice Coffee
12/15 Coupon - $10 Off a $20 Order and Free Shipping at GreatEntertaining Code# G9988
12/15 Contest - Style 2000 Sweepstakes and $100 Coupon & Free Shipping at
12/15 Free Phone Card from FirstSource
12/15 Free Recipe Book From Empire
12/15 Contest - Win a Trip To Madi Gras (1/14)
12/15 Coupon - Free Shipping Coupon Codes# C12233 OR C30909
12/15 Free Offers For Quilters
12/15 Printable Coupons For Long John Sivers
12/15 Send a Virtual Gift Basket Filed With Coupons
12/15 Free Tickets to Tonight's Internet Lotto - Win $1,000,000.00

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