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The Latest Freebies 12/17/99

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Contest - From Dec. 17 to Jan. 14, PlanetRx is giving away 672 Palm V Connected Organizers (purchase required, check out the pre-holiday sale & free gift when you join the beauty club)
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12/17 Coupon - Free Shipping With Purchase of $35+ at
12/17 Coupon - $10 off $25 a Purchase at (it will be in your cart)
12/17 Good Deals - Smarter Kids 50% Off Sale, Free Shipping on $50 Order, Free Shipping and $20 Gift Certificate on $75 Ordericon
12/17 Coupon - $10 Off and Free Shipping (no minimum) at BigEdge Sports Coupon Code# BE5E1A4R (register first for reward points, Please Use Me As Referral -
12/17 Pokeman Products Free After Rebate at CyberRebate
12/17 Still Valid - Free Samples at Physique
12/17 Astelin® Nasal Spray Rebate and Printable Coupon
12/17 Free Disk From Gebbie Press All-In-One Media Directory
12/17 Coupon - $15 Off $100 Order and Free Shipping at Code# 90147 (12/25)
12/17 Free Spring/Summer 2000 Issue of WeddingBells Magazine and Honeymoon Contest
12/17 Free Sample Litter Box Liner (LSASE)
12/17 Free Electronic Water Tester Offer (wait for pop-up box to appear)
12/17 Contest - Win a Clock at Lunar Time Clocks
12/17 Free Acuvue Bifocal Contact Lenses
12/17 Still Valid - Free Pound Of Dunkin Donuts Coffee at Rating Wonders
12/17 Free Copy of Hassel Weems' Booklet "The 90's"
12/17 Coupon - 20% Off and Free Shipping at eHobbies Code# MP22 (12/31)
12/17 Coupon - $10 Off at Bolt
12/17 Free Download of Net Sonic (best freeware 1999)
12/17 Coupon - $10 Off $25 & Sales and Savings at eToys Code# C6727 (first time customers?)
12/17 Don't Miss - Open An Account at Now and They Will Put $25 Of Free Postage Into Your Account and Give You A Free Month Of Service. Also, Onsite Contest Win $5000 in Postage
12/17 Free McDonalds French Fries Printable Coupon (limited areas - Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Miami Valley and Dayton, Ohio, Central Ohio and Central & Southeastern Kentucky)
12/17 Still Valid - Free Pack of Trading Cards from Trading Card Source
12/17 Earn Money With UtopiAd Just By Being Online
12/17 Free Packet of Educational Materials on Compulsive Gambling
12/17 Buy Maybelline Mascara for $1 at --Forever! Get the same prices and Free Shipping for life on all products you buy now (starting at 4 pm PST, today get a Pokemon Trading Card Game Booster Pack with $25 Order while supply lasts)
12/17 Free Phone Card From Animation Grove Postcards
12/17 Free Book "The Way to Happiness" by L. Ron Hubbard
12/17 Free Booklet "Connecting Government and Neighborhoods"
12/17 Stil Valid - $10 Off a First Order at
12/17 Free 10x13 Portrait from Kmart Portrait Studios (1/31)
12/17 Join All-Advantage And Get Paid 50 Cents An Hour To Surf (up to 25 hours per month)
12/17 Free Sample Coffee from The Caffe' Florian
12/17 Still Valid - Free Gospel Music Tape from BGEA
12/17 Lots of Free Software, Demos and Downloads
12/17 Lots of Freebies for Kids from Disaster Action Kid (write in)
12/17 Online Freebie - Honorary Elf Diploma to Print Out
12/17 NetGrocer is Giving Away $20 Worth Of Grocerys With a $50 Order
12/17 Coupon - $10 Off $15 at Great Entertaining Code# H6111
12/17 Contest - Win a Pentium III Laptop (2/15)
12/17 Coupon - $10 Off $10 at Altrec Code# BUYSOME
12/17 Todays Free Personalized Horoscope and Charts
12/17 Free Weekend Fun Newsletter
12/17 Special Offers From Hertz
12/17 Online Freebie - Printable Door to Door Driving Directions and Maps from Avis
12/17 Coupon - $10 Off a $40 Order at Code# DD0810A
12/17 Free Copy of Dog's Life Mini Magazine
12/17 Free Sample Heritage Health Diet Supplement
12/17 Money Saving Coupon for Alpha Hydrox Products
12/17 Free CD-Rom from Software USA (click products & services)
12/17 Free Long Distance From iTarget
12/17 Trial Offer - 2 Free Months of Star Magazine
12/17 Free Child Identification Kit and Safety Tips
12/17 Still Valid - Free Sample Hugo Boss Cologne
12/17 Free Samples of Printing Products
12/17 Free Gift and Catalog from Beauty Sensation
12/17 New Freebies At Free2Try
12/17 Nabisco Promotions and Contest
12/17 Contest - Win a Teddy Bear at the Teddy Bear Store (monthly)
12/17 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Gift Certificate at GiftPoint (2/19)

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