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The Latest Freebies 12/31/99

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12/31 Free "Show Me Jesus" Video and Sunday School Curriculum Samples
12/31 Free Stickers from Troublewear
12/31 Money Saving Coupon from Orly Salon Nails
12/31 Contest - Win Four Years of College Tuition from Embark (1/15)
12/31 Free Caricature of Yourself Or a Friend
12/31 Free Course Catalog from Clayton College of Natural Health
12/31 Coupon - $10 Off $10 For First Time Customers at Sports Authority
12/31 Contest - Evenflo Hidden Product Contest (70 winners monthly, try "what's new")
12/31 Free Toesies from (s&h 1)
12/31 Over 350 Free After Rebate Products at CyberRebate
12/31 Still Valid - Free Sample Herbal Essences Facial Care Products
12/31 Last Day - $10 Off At (first time customers)
12/31 Free Sample Pert Plus
12/31 Free Catalogs from Miller Nurseries
12/31 Free Trials, Magazine Offers at FreeOffersPage
12/31 Place Free Bets and Win Cash at FunBet
12/31 Free Caribbean Travel Planner
12/31 Good Deals - Up to 75% Off at Amazon Toys
12/31 Free Schweppes Celebration Companion Booklet
12/31 Send A Free New Years Greeting (here's mine)
12/31 Online Freebie - Times Square CountdownCam
12/31 Still Valid - Free Bible from Paraclete Enterprises
12/31 Free "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Book (w/proof of purchase, mail in)
12/31 Coupon - PetSmart $10 Off $20 Code# ADV2B (up to 75% Off Holiday Clearance)
12/31 Free Gooey Program - Chat with people all over the world *while* surfing the net, Shop with a friend! Also, Instant Messaging/Buddies with Reverse list - check who lists you!
12/31 Timebomb Y2k Test & Fix Software
12/31 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at Varsity Books Code# SUPER355E2
12/31 Money Saving Coupon for MicroMagic French Fries
12/31 Coupon - $20 Off Your First Order at Mother and/or Save Up To 70% Clearance Sale
12/31 Free Hand Woven African Bracelet
12/31 FYI - Dick Clark's New Years Eve Website
12/31 Tonight's Free Internet Lotto Tickets
12/31 Free Issue of Women Today Magazine
12/31 Still Valid - Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee
12/31 Free Legal Documents To Print Out
12/31 Free "School Choice: Because Parents Know Best" Bumper Sticker
12/31 Free In Your E-Mail - TV Trivia Tip of the Day
12/30 Still Valid - Free Sample of Dulce Vanilla Fragrance Creek Press

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