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The Latest Freebies 5/2/99

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5/2 Free Hard or Soft Top Mousepad
5/2 Free Smoked Seafood Cookbook (scroll to bottom)
5/2 FYI - National Association of Unclaimed Property - Search by State
5/2 Free CPE Campus Demo CD-Rom and Contests from Bisk
5/2 Save Over $30 With This Weeks Grocery Coupons
5/2 Lenscrafter Coupons and Free Trial Contact Lenses
5/2 Free Books from Mission Maine with Luis Palau
5/2 Contest - MGM Television Spring 1999 DVD Sweepstakes (5/30)
5/2 Free Tracking and Recognition Forms for Teachers
5/2 Free Nature Screen Saver Disk and "Productivity Plus" Videotape
5/2 Free Diet Assessment & Newsletter from Practical Programs
5/2 Free Sample Sphag Sorb Lightweight Absorbent
5/2 Give Back Time - So Little Can Help So Much - Create a Card for Cards for Kids
5/2 Free Personalized Address Labels from PetLabels
5/2 CD Now Coupon - $10.00 Discount on Orders Over $14.99 (expires 5/5)
5/2 Free Biopunch® and Ear Currette (medical facilities and distributors only)
5/2 Free Video from Select Comfort Air Bed
5/2 Free Earrings from Planetude One
5/2 Contests and Freebies From My Sponsors
5/2 Contest - Win A Psychic Reading (weekly)
5/2 Free Discovery Series Resources Brochure
5/2 Still Valid - Teacher Freebies at Leafy Grees Council (book covers, trading cards, brochures and posters)
5/2 Just For Fun - Transformation of English Letters to Hieroglyphic
5/2 Register for 25% Off Your First Purchase from
5/2 Free Catalogs for May
5/2 Free Koko Poster from The Gorilla Foundation

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