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The Latest Freebies 5/23/99

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5/23 Free Video From New Logic
5/23 Free Book "It Took A Miracle" from Zion Bible Institute
5/23 This Weeks Grocery Coupons For Your Favorite Store
5/23 This Weeks Freebies at FreeShop
5/23 $20.00 Off Your First Order at Mother
5/23 Free Seafood Spice from Rod's Spices
5/23 Contest - Win One of Five RIO MP3 Players from AudioCafe (5/31)
5/23 Free Product Literature From Fiskars
5/23 Update - A Freebie Jungle Is Now Updated Many Times A Day (They Have My Vote :)
5/23 Coupon - $5.00 off Your First Order at and Free Gift When You Join The Mailing List
5/23 Register for Coupons from Coupon Surfer
5/23 Contest - Win a Cat Tree from Catnips
5/23 Contest - Win Quicken Family Lawyer 2000 or A T-shirt at
5/23 Coupon - $5 off a $25.00 Order at Barnes and Noble code# C3LMUHJ
5/23 Free Decal from Windsurfing Hawaii
5/23 Still Valid - Free Sample Nu-Salt
5/23 Free Stuff from 3abn Satellite TV
5/23 Free Video and Sample from Tempur-Pedic
5/23 Free Childs Gift from Parties Plus
5/23 Enter This Weeks Contest - 3 New Prizes
5/23 Online Freebie - The Phantom Menace Desktop Theme
5/23 Free Sharrie Williams Poster from Chevrolet

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