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The Latest Freebies 5/27/99

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5/27 Free Booklets & Tapes from Canadian Perspective Ministries
5/27 Free Sample Copy of Earth First! Journal
5/27 Free Pocket Engineer's Handbook (for industrial electrical equipment buyers, maintainers, installers and specifiers )
5/27 Free Puppy Scrapbook from Purina O.N.E.
5/27 New Titles Added - CD-Rom Software for S/H
5/27 Still Valid - Free Literature and Sample Imitrex Migraine Medicine
5/27 Free Beef Jerky (LSASE)
5/27 Contest - Win a $100 Shopping Spree at
5/27 Printable Monistat Rebate Form
5/27 Free Demo Diskette "ChildCare for Windows"
5/27 MoneySaving Coupon from Fleabusters
5/27 Free Demo Estimating Software CD-Rom
5/27 Free Samples from Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
5/27 Contest - MGM Spring DVD Sweepstakes (5/30)
5/27 New Freestuff at Free2Try
5/27 Moneysaving Coupon From Revlon
5/27 MoneySaving Coupon on Turkey Hill Ice Cream
5/27 Free Book "One-on-One Discipleship"
5/27 Free Men's Maintenance Manual
5/27 Pre-Register for 25% Off at BrandAmerica
5/27 Contest - Win a Laptop Computer from American Computer (6/7)
5/27 Contest - Win a Life-Size 3-D Star Wars Character (6/2)
5/27 Coupon - $15 Off Any Item At GreenTree Code # NNTG5PS7
5/27 Free Sample Magic Herb Weight Loss Products
5/27 Free "Are We Leaving The World A Better Place..." Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
5/27 Free Audio Tape and Info Packet from Young Living Essential Oils
5/27 Free CD "103 Best Songs You've Never Heard "
5/27 $10 Off a Purchase of $25 or More at Code # WOOKIEKISS (6/15)
5/27 $10 Coupon At BuyItOnline (no minimum order)
5/27 Free BabyServ Pregnancy Guide CD-Rom
5/27 Free Sticker from Happy Van Gogh (LSASE)
5/27 Updated Link - Send A Bread Recipe for Free SAF Yeast

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