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The Latest Freebies 6/1/99

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6/1 Free Sample Uptime Herbal Powder
6/1 Free Demo CD-Rom From Great Wave
6/1 This Months Rebates at Rite Aid
6/1 Free Stuff From Johnny Wishbone
6/1 Free Catalog and Sample from Tie Office Mates
6/1 Just For Fun - The Hampster Dance
6/1 Contest - Lots of Prizes at Insight Weekly Sweepstakes
6/1 Free Kraft Art Note Card If You Find Hidden Images
6/1 Free Krames/StayWell Samples to Health Care Providers
6/1 Free Software for S/H Fee
6/1 Free Catalog from Monograms of Distinction
6/1 Free Offers From Everything Medical
6/1 Register for a Free Music CD From
6/1 Free Sample Ink Jet Business Cards
6/1 Free Sample Bottle Top Filter for Labs
6/1 Still Valid - Free Samples From Excedrin Headache Resource Center
6/1 Still Valid - Free Samples from Guinot
6/1 Free Prayer Healing Cloth from Grail Christian Church (LSASE)
6/1 Contest - Win A Trip To Hollywood From Foster Grant (9/30)
6/1 Free Sample Issue of "BackStage" Magicians Magazine
6/1 Free Sample a.m. (alternative milk)
6/1 Join Prolaunch for Gift Certificates
6/1 Free Sample Dri-Dek Product
6/1 Free The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition And Teachers Guide Packet
6/1 Free "Little Pin" (LSASE)
6/1 Free Wet Sample Pack To The First 500
6/1 Free Rubber Duck from IntelleCapital
6/1 Free Toothbrush To The First 300
6/1 Enter This Weeks Contest
6/1 Still Valid - Register For A Free Greeting Card From
6/1 Free ViewSonic® CD-Rom
6/1 Contest - WIn A "Our Secret" Candles Gift Pack (6/28)
6/1 Free After Rebate Software for June From
6/1 Free Babybook Page and Contest t
6/1 Free Comedyzine Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
6/1 Online Freebie - Download a Free Clock from EchoEcho
6/1 Current Nabisco Promotions/Contests
6/1 Moneysaving Coupon For Axid AR
6/1 Free Poster "Please Don’t Eat Babe for Breakfast"
6/1 Printable $10 Coupon for Florsheim Shoes (6/30)
6/1 Just For Fun - Watch a K-TEL Commercial From The 70's
6/1 Just For Fun - The Mudpile "Newspaper"

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