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The Latest Freebies 6/6/99

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6/6 Contest - Win A Palm Size PC (6/8)
6/6 Free Hard or Soft Top Mousepad
6/6 Free Sample Cherry Mylanta Supreme
6/6 Free Sample Pack of Super Lysine Plus+ Cream
6/6 Free Audio Tape "Why God Sends Us Suffering"
6/6 Webmaster Freebie - Free Backgrounds at Log Building Dreams
6/6 Contest - Win a Five Pound Wilbur Chocolate Almond Bar (8/1)
6/6 Free 5 day Trial of the Oxyfresh Energy and Weight Formula
6/6 Free Sample Nutritional Supplement For Cats from Cats Only
6/6 Online Freebie - Update on Product Recalls at Housewife Magazine
6/6 Free NetworkIT CD-Rom
6/6 Free Guide From National Women's Sailing Association
6/6 Free Catalog and 3-D Glasses from Geological Data Services
6/6 Free "Seven Secrets of Successful People"
6/6 Free Sample Kimlan Soy Sauce (1-800)
6/6 Free Jar Opener from The Arthritis Foundation
6/6 Enter Our Weekly Contests - Win TypeItIn Pro, and Other Great Prizes
6/6 Free Shipping Till 6/20 at (this makes it a great deal)
6/6 Free Music Demo Tape From "Haze"
6/6 Free Fathers Day Card When You Register At Sparksicon
6/6 Free Referral Program For Webmasters
6/6 New Products at Free Software - Hello Kitty Bundle, Dr. Suess, BodyWorks, Etc (you pay shipping)
6/6 Free Samples From Thornton Dental Floss (LSASE)
6/6 Free Sample Skincare Product From Noevir
6/6 CIBA Vision Free Trial Lens Certificate
6/6 Contest - Lots of Contests/Games from SpeedyClick
6/6 Free Sample and Info Packet From ProLean (1-800)
6/6 Free 30 Minute Phone Card from The Flagship Resort

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