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The Latest Freebies 6/9/99

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6/9 eToys New Customer Coupon $10 off $25 Order, Code# C9596, Expires 6/30
6/9 Free Poster and Video from Franklin Learning Resources
6/9 Get Paid For Reading Ads From UtopiAd
6/9 Tons of Freebies to Write For From Reach Every Child
6/9 Online Freebie - Downloadable Paper Spacecraft Models
6/9 Contest - Win a Weight Management System (monthly)
6/9 Free Mobile Disc Jockey's Demo Tape
6/9 Free Greeting Card From Cardstaricon
6/9 Free Poster From Data Warehousing Services
6/9 Free Program - StarOffice 5.1
6/9 Free Subscription To Spike Sports Magazine
6/9 Free Sample Wiskas Cat Food
6/9 Free Book "Prison To Praise" or Free Bible For People Without One
6/9 Contest - Kids Can Win A Printertainment Software Kit From Avery (monthly)
6/9 Free Offers From My Sponsors - (thanks :)
6/9 Free Crosby's Molasses Cookbook
6/9 Contest - Win One Of Ten Parent & Child Hunting Trips (10/31, mail in)
6/9 Free Poster From APC (limit of 1 per week)
6/9 Free Magnets and Douglas Fir Seeds (LSASE)
6/9 Free Membership Packet From Herbal Healer Academy
6/9 New $10 Coupon at Code# Lycos
6/9 Free Sample of "GO" Weight Loss Supplement
6/9 Register for Coupons from Cetaphil Skin Care
6/9 Register at Drugstore Depot for a $10 Coupon
6/9 Free Metabolife 356 Sample from ShrinkMe
6/9 State By State Guide To Stores Offering "Free After Rebate" Offers
6/9 Free Phone Card When You Write Congress
6/9 Contest - Win A T-Shirt From Space Shirts (monthly)
6/9 Free Download of Sweep! Version 1.3 (you'll want this if you enter contests!)
6/9 Free Latex Glove Samples for Businesses
6/9 Free DJIA Futures Trading Kit
6/9 Sign Up For Our Free Daily and Weekly FreeStuff Newsletters
6/9 Free Issue Of "The Wine News" Magazine
6/9 Contest - Win $5000 To Create Your Dream Vacation (6/30)
6/9 Free Booklets "Wanna Bet? Teen Gambling Book" or "Gambling Away the Golden Years Book"
6/9 Contest - Win Flowers at Jim's Floral Service (monthly)

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