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The Latest Freebies 6/12/99

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6/12 Free Bible Studies on Cassette and "Welcome to the Family of God" Handbook
6/12 Free Audio Tape From Trim Patch Diet Patch
6/12 Free Subscription To Interactive Week
6/12 This Weeks Grocery Coupons
6/12 New Discounts and Coupons at Cool Savings
6/12 Free Austin Powers 3-D Glasses
6/12 Contest - Win A Shrimp Ring in 14K Gold at Jewelry Web
6/12 CD Now Coupon - $10 Off $15 Order (expires 6/23)
6/12 Contest - Win A Dell Laptop Computer (7/29)
6/12 Coupon - Save $10 on an Order of $25 or More Coupon Code # REELSAVINGS10 (6/30)
6/12 Free Sample Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
6/12 Contest - Buick Winning Drive Sweepstakes (6/15)
6/12 Free Sample Soap From Rain Dance Farms
6/12 Free Bumper Sticker From Citizens for a Sound Economy
6/12 Three Free Products From Planet RX (s/h applies)
6/12 Coupon Codes (we will be adding all of them in the next few days)
6/12 Free Sample Horse Treat and Horse Trailer Contest
6/12 Instant Contest - Mott's Shake The Tree lll
6/12 Free Sample of Angel Lotion (LSASE)
6/12 Free Sample Heart Food Supplement
6/12 Free Surname Search from GenServ
6/12 Still Available - New Vision 40-30-30 Nutrition Bar and Vitamin Samples
6/12 Free Travel Packet From Icelandair Holidays icon
6/12 Free Kits For Teachers From Teach Free
6/12 Free Diet Supplement from Heritage Health
6/12 Free "Stop Lawsuit Abuse" Kit
6/12 Free Sample Issue Of "Das Fenster" German Language Magazine
6/12 Free Sample Fixodent Cream to Dental Offices
6/12 Free Family Tree Maker Magazine
6/12 Contest - Win a Trip To New Zealand (7/12)

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