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The Latest Freebies 6/13/99

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6/13 Choice Of Free Videos From Better Health
6/13 Free CD-Rom From Vargis Digital Map Imagery
6/13 Free Booklet "Surviving a Home Remodeling Project: A User's Guide"
6/13 Lots of Free Travel Guides
6/13 Coupon - Buy It Online - $20 Off A $25 Order (s/h Included)
6/13 Free "Best of the Caribbean" CDK
6/13 Free Gift From Swan Services
6/13 Contest - Win a $2000 CDW Shopping Spree (7/10)
6/13 Contest - Win A Philips Nino From Energizer (10/15)
6/13 Free Sample Beans From Riley Foods International (food service)
6/13 Free Natrol Kit with Coupons (sign guestbook)
6/13 Free Catalog and Video From Woodstock Soapatone Stoves
6/13 Still Valid - Free Package of Rosina Meatballs For Your Recipe
6/13 Coupon - $10 Off Any Movie At Bigstar (no minimum purchase 6/30)
6/13 Free Dark or Milk Chocoslim Sample
6/13 Free Gift From Unity Mutual Life Insurance
6/13 Free Sample Johnsons Baby Lotion with Daily UV Protection
6/13 Free Video and Sample From Tempur-Pedic
6/13 Online Freebie - Free New or Used Car Price Quote (buyers and sellers)
6/13 $20 Off Any Item at Greentree Nutrition, Code# W8GZ2QC8 (expires 6/30)
6/13 Contest - Creative Computer's "1999 Porsche Boxster" Sweepstakes (6/30)
6/13 Free Trim-a-lawn Video
6/13 Free Copy of "The Perfect Wedding Guide" and Honeymoon Contest
6/13 Enter This Weeks Contests New Prizes! :)
6/13 Free Wedding Guide CD Rom
6/13 Free Kingsize Menswear Catalogicon
6/13 Money Saving Coupon from Florida Natural
6/13 Free Commodity Futures Trading Kit
6/13 Free Catalog/Info Packet from Rochester Institute of Technology
6/13 Still Valid - Free Demo Dream Doll Designer CD-ROM
6/13 Contest - Win Video Tapes and More at 24-7 Weight Loss (6/30)
6/13 Contest - Millennium Cruise Sweepstakes (6/25)
6/13 Service Merchadise Clearance - Take A Look! (click the free shipping banner)
6/13 Contest - Oreck Clean Freak Giveaway (7/8)

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