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The Latest Freebies 6/21/99

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6/21 Free Flexrite Audio Tape
6/21 Free Breast Self-Exam Shower Card
6/21 Free Issue of Women Today Magazine
6/21 Free Stuff For Teachers at The Sugar Association
6/21 Money Saving Coupon For Folgers Whole Bean Coffee
6/21 Free Sample Copy Of "The Green Business Letter" Journal
6/21 Free "Ratsy" Sticker (LSASE)
6/21 Free 1999 Vacation Guide to New Mexico and Highway Map
6/21 Free Demo Graphics Suite CD-Rom From Micrografx
6/21 Free Sample Pack Of Mira Horse Products
6/21 Lots of Contests at PrizeFest
6/21 Free Printing and Publishing Samples from BookCrafters
6/21 Free Books from The Helmsman INJOY Life Club
6/21 Contest - "Golf Gear Giveaway" Sweepstakes From St. Pauli Girl (8/30)
6/21 Contest - Lots of Contests at The Celebrity Cafe
6/21 Contest - Win Childrens Music at KIDiddles
6/21 $20 Off Your First Order Of Mother Nature Brand Supplements/Vitamins
6/21 Contest - Weekly Tie Giveaway at
6/21 Free Sample Of Popeye Vitamins
6/21 Free Sticker Kit
6/21 Free Subscription To Fit Pregnancy Magazine
6/21 Lots of Games and Prizes At Lifesavers Candystand
6/21 $5 Rebate on Babymil & Babysoy Formula
6/21 Free Subscription to Fitness Swimmer Magazine
6/21 Free Gifts From SDI
6/21 Free Candy Bar For Fundraisers (must qualify)
6/21 Free Fundraising Info and Free Sample Gift (click "for your organization")
6/21 Contest - Ends Today, Win A Trip To The Oprah Winfrey Show
6/21 Coupon - 800.COM $8 Off Music and Movies Minimum $15.00 Order (free shipping, too)
6/21 Free GLpro Demo CD-Rom
6/21 Money Saving Coupon For Colgate Total
6/21 Contest - Win a Flag From UEP
6/21 Free Africa's Regions Poster
6/21 Free Sample Pet Magazine From Good Dog
6/21 Free Cat Nutritional Supplement
6/21 Still Valid - Free Greeting Card When You Register at
6/21 Free With Rebate Software at Egghead
6/21 Free NFL Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
6/21 Free Recipes and Brochures From California Avocado Commission
6/21 FYI - Latest Recalls On Childrens Products
6/21 Free Sample Habanero Powder (LSASE)
6/21 FYI - Searchable Scholarship Database
6/21 Free Book "Beyond Crime and Punishment"
6/21 Free Grocery Coupons/Savings By ZipCode

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