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The Latest Freebies 7/5/99

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7/5 Free Teaching Guides from Scientific American Frontiers
7/5 Coupon $10 Off a $20 Order at CD-Now (7/31)
7/5 Free CD-Rom FoodPix Image Catalog Vol.3
7/5 Still Valid - Free Dance Lesson At Arthur Murray (click special offer)
7/5 Still Valid - Free Sample Popeye Vitamins and Coupons
7/5 Free Trial Size Natural Essence Shea Butter for Skin/Hair
7/5 Free Stuff From Cognos
7/5 Contest - Daily T-Shirt Giveaway at Aussie Hair Care (7/31)
7/5 Still Valid - Free Book "The Internet for Dummies"
7/5 Online Freebie - Download a Free ChiBrow Child Safe Browser
7/5 BeechNut Baby Food Coupon Rebate
7/5 Free "Shock" Sticker
7/5 Coupon for Micro Magic Golden Classic French Fries
7/5 Contest - Win $100 Shopping Spree at PetQuartersicon
7/5 Contest - Win a CD & Cajun Pepper Sauce From ZenSearch
7/5 Free After Rebate Software at K-Mart Online
7/5 Free Oatmeal Brochure
7/5 Free TWEC T-Shirt
7/5 Free Guide to Selective Bird Feeding
7/5 Free Specialized Data Systems Demo Disk For Schools
7/5 Free Sample SlimCaps Diet Supplement
7/5 Free Booklets from Corian
7/5 Free Sample "Brighten Up" Mood Elevator
7/5 Free Subscription To Mountain Sports & Living Magazine
7/5 Contest - Ship Off To Shark Week Sweepstakes (7/23)
7/5 Free Healthy Choice Magazine
7/5 Free Video "Power Tennis Made Painless"
7/5 Still Valid - $15.00 Gift Credit From RX Drugstore Survey (for your first purchase from their site 12/31)
7/5 Free Birthday Gift For Kids From K-Mart BirthdayPlace
7/5 Coupon $10 Off At Chipshot Code# 9160461 and free shipping For 5% Off Any Order Use Code# 8555908
7/5 Free Envelope Buyers Guide
7/5 Contest - Beanie Baby Giveaway at Sears (7/6)
7/5 Free Forgiveness Bookmark
7/5 Still Valid - Free Chocolate from J.S. Bach
7/5 Free Subscription "The Conservative Christian's Newspaper"
7/5 Free Subscription to Silicon Magazine
7/5 Coupon $5 Off at Magazine Newsstand Code# MAG990624
7/5 Lots Of Online Coupons/Discounts When You Use Mastercard
7/5 Free Shipping Supplies for Businesses from USPS
7/5 Contest - Weekly Drawing at The Bargain Hunt
7/5 Free Rice Brochures (write in)
7/5 Free Hair Restorer Products and Video (1-800)
7/5 Free UV Cleanup Solvent For Screenprinters

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