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The Latest Freebies 7/10/99

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7/10 Free Downloads From Edmark Childrens Software
7/10 Register For Dryper Diaper Coupons
7/10 Free Books for Camps Or Basketball Clinics
7/10 Print Out Grocery Coupons For Your Favorite Store
7/10 Still Valid - Free Fresh Dried Tomatoes
7/10 Free Rugrats Reptar Wagon Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder (mail in)
7/10 Money Saving Rejuvex Coupon
7/10 Contest - Win CD's at All About Jazz (7/15)
7/10 Free Y2KCPR Survial Guide Audio Tape and Booklet
7/10 Free Sample Herbal Essences Facial Care Products
7/10 Free Gift For Taking School Uniform Survey
7/10 Free Birthday Gift from Fresh Samantha® Kids Fan Club (ages 3 -11)
7/10 Promotions and Discounts from JC Penney
7/10 Free Sample ThermaLine Ribbon Sample
7/10 Free Sample Contact Lens Cleaning Pad
7/10 Free Marathon Logo Vinyl Sticker
7/10 Still Valid - Free Travel Translator Booklet
7/10 Contest - Win a Hitachi SuperScan Monitor (monthly)
7/10 Free Winning Walk Magazine (1-800)
7/10 Free Booklet "Healthy Bones for Life" (1-800)
7/10 Lots Of Free Info & CD-Rom from Learning Tree
7/10 Seven Free Posters from U.S. Geological Survey
7/10 Free Internet Explorer 5.0 CD-Rom
7/10 Contest - Win Ergonomic WorkTools (8/8)
7/10 Contest - Win a PalmV from FreeShop
7/10 Lots of Free Mail Order Catalogs
7/10 Free Stuff from Sound City (s&h)
7/10 $10 Off any Movie at Bigstar (expires today)
7/10 Free Sample Ziploc Slide-Loc® Storage Bag
7/10 Join Our Mailing List For Daily or Weekly Updates
7/10 Contest - Win a Thermador® Steel Gas Cooktop (7/30)
7/10 Enter This Weeks Contests
7/10 Contest - Evenflo Monthly Hidden Product Contest (try: You & Your Baby)
7/10 Free Sample Caress Body Wash
7/10 Free Demo Cd-Rom - ArtCam, The 3D software solution for engravers
7/10 Ten Free Bookmarks "The Great World Prayer"
7/10 Ten Free Bookmarks "The Code of Humanity"
7/10 Free Hard Drive* at Zones When You Open an E-Trade Account (*or $100 off any product)
7/10 Free Software from Zones (s&h)

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