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The Latest Freebies 8/6/99

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8/6 Free Gift From Fox News
8/6 Free Year Subscription to Boating Life Magazine
8/6 Coupon Voucher and Brochures For Outlet Store Centers
8/6 Free Book "Making College Count"
8/6 Free Workbook For Kids From McGraw-Hill
8/6 Free 6 Month Subscription To American Baby Magazine
8/6 Free Demo "The Golf Pro" CD-Rom from Empire
8/6 Free Download of "Gator" Program and $50 in Online Coupons
8/6 Contest - Win a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 2100SE Printer (weekly till 9/30)
8/6 Free Sample Juven with HMB Supplement
8/6 Free Sticker from
8/6 Free Sample from Herbal Works
8/6 Collection of Free Newsletters - Something for Everyone
8/6 Contest - Jenny Craig Fall Fashion Sweepstakes (8/9)
8/6 Free Comic Book from Merrill Lynch
8/6 Free Sample AP~300 : Herbal Energizer
8/6 Contest - Daily Keepsake Organizer Safe Giveaway (9/01)
8/6 Coupon - BuyItOnline $20 off $25 Order (no S&H)
8/6 Register with For a $20 Credit When They Open
8/6 Free Wise Giving Guide from National Charities Information Bureau
8/6 Coupon - $5.00 Off a $10 Order at MagsNow Code# MAG990831 (8/31)
8/6 Contest - Win School Uniforms at Dickies (monthly)
8/6 Contest - Win Cigars at CigarBank (monthly)
8/6 Three Free Relaxation Booklets from Relemonade
8/6 Contest - Dream Vacation Sweepstakes (8/9)
8/6 Free Sample of "Liquid Life"
8/6 Free Sample Coupon Certificates from TrueSave (LSASE)
8/6 Contest - Monthly Drawing from Autosound & Sun (everyone who registers gets a $20 off $100 coupon)
8/6 Contest - Win a Flat TV
8/6 Online Freebie - Free Screensaver For Cats
8/6 Good Deal? 7.9 Per Minute Long Distance
8/6 Money Saving Coupon on Mama Pizzolato's Products
8/6 Money Saving Coupon for Cedar Fresh Scoop Cat Litter
8/6 Free 254 page Bible Study Guide Book
8/6 Register at Speedy Click For Games and Prizes
8/6 Free Subscription to Internet World
8/6 Contests - Lots of Contests at CBS SportsLine
8/6 Two Free Issues of Mailorder Messenger
8/6 Money Saving Coupon for Dove Soap
8/6 Free Computer Supplies and Accessories Catalog
8/6 Not Quite Free - Hoyle Casino CD-Rom (when you accept a 3-month Netmarket trial membership for only $1)
8/6 Contest - Win A Panasonic PalmTheater (weekly till 8/30)
8/6 Free Trial of Pagoo Call Catcher
8/6 Free Trial Offer of Money Magazine
8/6 Free Golf Tees When You Take The Quiz
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