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The Latest Freebies 8/9/99

Todays Freebies 1,    MIRROR SITE (Page 1)  
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8/9 Free Recipe Cards/Booklets from Idaho-E. Oregon Onion Committee (LSASE)
8/9 Free Download of Sweep and Contest For $20 Amazon Gift Certificate
8/9 Printable Coupon - $10 Off Florsheim Shoes (7/00)
8/9 Free "Laugh Again: Experience Outrageous Joy" Study Guide
8/9 Free Product Coupon from Tofutti
8/9 Free First Aid Poster
8/9 Free Digital Film Processing Certificate (To The First 1000)
8/9 Join the Damark Preferred Buyers Club for Free and Get a $10 Discount Certificate
8/9 $10 Off a $10 Purchase at
8/9 Choice of K- Tel CD Rom Free ("Click" the Free CD Button, S/H charge)
8/9 Free Subscription to BTN Magazine for Corporate Travellers
8/9 Free Samples from Gila Window Film
8/9 Free Sample Soap From Fresh Essentials (loose stamps)
8/9 Free Sample Car Care Product from Lifter-1
8/9 Free CD-Rom Sampler from Cyberscholar
8/9 Free Sample Dermal Therapy Hand Barrier Lotion (LSASE)
8/9 Contest - Win $5000 From Practical E-Mail
8/9 Free MICR Warehouse Preview Kit
8/9 Rebate Offer for Advantage Flea Control
8/9 Kids Can Join Sinclairs Birthday Club For A Surprise (ages 4- 14)
8/9 Free Pen from DailyDiva
8/9 Still Valid - Free Bumper Sticker from British In America
8/9 Free Prayer/Healing Cloth from Grail Christian Church (LSASE)
8/9 Lots of Free Offers at Purina ONE
8/9 Coupon - $10 Off a $14.99 Purchase at CD Now (8/26)
8/9 Free Booklet "Relationships: Remarriage"
8/9 Contest - Win $3,000,000 Dollars from webMillion, Refer Your Friends For More Chances to Win
8/9 Still Valid - Free Year Subscription to Motor Trend Magazine
8/9 Still Valid - Free One Year Subscription to Motorcyclist Magazine
8/9 Free Stuff and Trial Offers from Our Sponsors (thank you for visiting :)
8/9 Free Sample Iron Horse (multi-vitamin liquid supplement )
8/9 Free MailOrder Catalogs Some With Coupons/Discounts
8/9 Free TouchMath Classroom Sampler Booklet
8/9 Still Valid - $15 Off Your First Order At HealthQuick
8/9 Contest - Win a GeoSafari Talking Globe (weekly)
8/9 Free Booklet "How To Know God"
8/9 Free Booklet "Healing for Today"
8/9 Free Cassette "Why Don't You Believe?" From Bridging The Gap
8/9 Join All Advantage And Earn Money While Surfing (this program is now operational)
8/9 Free Subscription To "Stampers" Magazine For Kids (1-800)
8/9 Free Sample Books "How to Prepare for Workplace Emergencies" & "Handbook of Performance Evaluation Programs"
8/9 Still Valid - $20 off Your First Order of MotherNature Brand Products (also 40% off sale)
8/9 Free Banking Strategies Newsletters From Microbanker
8/9 Enter Our Weekly and Monthly Contests
8/9 Online Freebie - Free Download of AccelWare's AxelCD 2.15
8/9 Listing of SurveySites - Register for Prizes
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