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The Latest Freebies 8/18/99

Todays Freebies 1,    MIRROR SITE (Page 1)  
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8/18 Free Booklets from National Institute on Aging
8/18 Lots of Manufacturer Rebates For Computer Hardware/Software
8/18 Free AARP Discount Directory
8/18 Free CD-Rom, Books from Cognos PowerPlay SE
8/18 Free "Chipper Club" Patch for Kids (mail in)
8/18 Earn Money With Your Own Auction Site
8/18 Online Freebie - Free Education For Educators (Free online courses, tutorials, and activities)
8/18 Free Bath Test Kit From Lucite
8/18 Free Spa Video from Lucite
8/18 Free Demo Disk From webSavant
8/18 Free Votive Light Shrine Card(s) from the Association of the Miraculous Medal
8/18 Contest - Win a Sony Playstation (9/9)
8/18 Contest - Win a Diamond Rio player from pcHUB (8/25)
8/18 Contest - Washer Dryer Duo GiveAway Sweepstakes (10/26)
8/18 Contest - Win a New Home from YouWinIt
8/18 New Offers At Cool Savings (Excellent Coupons This Week!)
8/18 Free Booklet From Mothers Supporting Daughters With Breast Cancer
8/18 Printable Coupon From Cosmetic Center/Prestige Cosmetics (8/30)
8/18 Still Valid - Free Sample of Choc-Quilizer Diet Aid
8/18 Free Audio Tape from Wealth Builders
8/18 Free Tape From Conowingo Baptist Church
8/18 Free Dive Bag Tag (LSASE)
8/18 Still Valid - Free GoodNites Sample Kit
8/18 Free Frog Sticker
8/18 Free Catalog from Vis Seafoodsicon
8/18 Free Sample from Calcium Therapy
8/18 Coupon - $10 Off Your Purchase Code# RU908
8/18 Free "Need For Speed" Poster
8/18 Free Pumpkin Seeds for Teachers
8/18 New "Paid to Surf" Program (up to a $1.00 per hour to surf the Net)
8/18 Free Catalog of Nostolgic Reproductions and Antiquesicon
8/18 Contest - Win a Beanie Baby at Incredible Toys (monthly)
8/18 Free Sesame Street Teachers' Kit
8/18 Online Shopping Coupon Codes
8/18 Contest - Win A Sony Stereo System (10/13)
8/18 Free Hat From Sports Collectors Club
8/18 Free Sample Cat Litter Box Liners (LSASE)
8/18 Free Software downloads at Learning Co./ShopTLC
8/18 Free Shipping at Code# 9FS007A6
8/18 Free International Planning Diary from Go-Global
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