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The Latest Freebies 8/19/99

Todays Freebies 1,    MIRROR SITE (Page 1)  
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8/19 Free Issue Children's Software Revue Magazine
8/19 Contest - Win a Trip to Amsterdam from (9/17)
8/19 Lots of Free Booklets from Delta Crafts (LSASE)
8/19 Large Listing of Free-Net & Community Network Access Points
8/19 Contest - Win Contact Lenses For Life (8/31)
8/19 Free Trial of Pagoo Call Catcher (instant notification right on your desktop of incoming phone calls)
8/19 Free Audio Tapes from The Mary Foundation
8/19 Free Sample Prelief from AkPharma
8/19 Free "Little Pin" (LSASE)
8/19 Online Freebie - Free Patterns at Coats and Clark
8/19 Free Brochures from The Reynolds Kitchens
8/19 Free Team Recruitment Video And Sign Up Poster From Sportsfest
8/19 Contest - Pokeman Link and Win (monthly)
8/19 Free Astrocartography Map
8/19 Free Motel 6 Directory
8/19 Free VCF Sample Package (Contraceptive Film)
8/19 Contest - Monthly Giveaway at Cosmetic Mall
8/19 Free Spring/Summer 2000 Issue of WeddingBells Magazine
8/19 Free Sample Car Tech Polish
8/19 Free Private Portal Download and Contest
8/19 Free Recipe Booklet from Perdue
8/19 Free Sample Southern Flavor Seasoning (LSASE)
8/19 Free Booklets "Kids & Violence"
8/19 Free Product from (s&h)
8/19 Register With One Sight Surveys (they pay cash when surveys are available)
8/19 Free Personalized Medical Emergency Cardicon
8/19 Free The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition And Teachers Guide Packet
8/19 Still Valid free Sample Jar Salsa from Pedro's
8/19 $5 Gift Certificate to Amazon
8/19 "Buy Now and Forever Save" Offer at icon
8/19 Free Sample Rhythm Flash Card (LSASE)
8/19 New Moneymaking Offers at CyberGold
8/19 Free Issue St. Anthony Messenger (choose free sample and leave payment info blank)
8/19 Instant Win Contest - Win a Dress at (click "free")
8/19 A.C. Moore Kids & Teen Clubs, Register for $5 Birthday Certificate
8/19 Free Idaho Potato Microwave Cookbook (LSASE)
8/19 Free Download All-Star Sportsbook Casino icon
8/19 Free Gift When You Answer A Survey at PrinTelogy
8/19 Contest - Win an Art Print from Red Hill Art
8/19 Contest - HP InkJet Printer (8/31) and Free Info/CD-rom
8/19 Monthly Rebates from Rite Aid
8/19 Free Demo Tape and Stickers from The Band "Green Pumper"
8/19 Last Chance - PlanetRX 3 Free Items
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