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The Latest Freebies 8/31/99

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8/31 Online Freebie - Create Your Own eBusiness Card, Click the Style You Want and Add Your Information
8/31 Free Folk Art Card and Fundraising Brochure
8/31 Free Cash and Products For Your Opinions
8/31 Free Diet Analysis and Contest
8/31 Free Bookmark from Madison JASON X (teachers can request one for each student)
8/31 Free Sample "Million Dollar Bill" from Georgia Millions (LSASE)
8/31 Free Christian Book Distributors Catalogicon
8/31 Free American Girl Gear Catalog icon
8/31 Still Valid - Free Sample of Mens eb5 Facial Formulaicon
8/31 Free Poster From National Crisis Prevention Institute
8/31 Cash Rebates for Shopping Online at eBates
8/31 Still Valid - Free Sample Breathe Right® Nasal Strips
8/31 Free Medicare Publications (1-800)
8/31 Free Sample Weight Loss Gum
8/31 Free Sample Creatine Chewtrition Gum
8/31 Free Prayer Card from Catholic Media
8/31 Free Trial of Pagoo Call Catcher (no need for 2 phone lines)
8/31 Free Trial Offer of Money Magazine
8/31 Free Subscription to Zion's Fire Magazine
8/31 Free Quaker Chewy Graham Slam Snacking Guide
8/31 Another "Get Paid To Surf" Program
8/31 Free Gift from PowerClean Industries and Top Gun Supply
8/31 Contest - Coffee Masters Monthly Sweepstakes (1 in 30 wins)
8/31 Lots of Free Brochures on Corrugated PVC Panel Products
8/31 Contest - Teachers Can Win a Power Of Positive Students Calendar
8/31 Free Magazines from Credit News
8/31 Free Sample Coffee from Café Monte Alto
8/31 Contest - Ornament Contest (monthly)
8/31 Register and "Save for Life" at More.comicon
8/31 Contest - Win a Jet-Puffed Marshmallows T-Shirt (monthly)
8/31 Contest - Win a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 2100SE Printer
8/31 Free Recovery Month Booklets from NCADI
8/31 Free Sample Organic Fertilizer from BioResource Recovery Systems
8/31 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Purchase at CD Now (9/6)
8/31 Free Subscription to Confident Living
8/31 Contest - Win a Gift Basket at Basket Hound (monthly)
8/31 Free Stuff For Kids from PETA
8/31 Free "Fantastic Fishing Club" Info Kit and Video
8/31 Free Rose Cluster Stationery Sample Package w/Brochure
8/31 Contest - Win a Jade Pendant (monthly)
8/31 Free Mens Underwear Poster From 2(x)ist
8/31 For Webmasters - Paying Ads For Your Site
8/31 Webmasters - More Paying Ads For Your Site
8/31 Free "School Choice: Because Parents Know Best" Bumper Sticker
8/31 Contest - Win an iMAC iBOOK
8/31 Contest - Feature Movie Ticket Sweepstakes (9/30)
8/31 Contest - The Deals Cruise Sweepstakes (10/10)
8/30 PlanetRX Three Free Products For S/H (first time customers - also free first aid kit)
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