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The Latest Freebies 9/1/99

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9/1 8 Free "Gospel Message" Bookmarks (LSASE)
9/1 Still Valid - Free Teachers Kits "The No-Nut Peanut" and "All About Peanuts & Peanut Butter"
9/1 Free Merino Lanolin Skin Creme
9/1 Free Booklet "Healthy Bones for Life" from the Osteoporosis Business Coalition (1-800)
9/1 Free Sample Spade L Ranch Seasoning (LSASE)
9/1 Just For Fun - HideNzeek Game and Free Millennium Force Screensaver
9/1 Free CD-Rom from Software USA (click products & services)
9/1 Free Flyer, Bookmark, Bookplate & Magnet From Author Annette Blair (LSASE)
9/1 Contest - Win Gap Jeans and Khakis For Life (9/30)
9/1 Free Scholastic Magazines for Teachers
9/1 Contest - Win a Nabisco Happy Halloween Pumpkin Tin (9/30)
9/1 Contest - Win a Teddy Bear at the Teddy Bear Store (monthly)
9/1 Rite-Aid Rebates
9/1 Free Book "John Thomas and his Rediscovery of Bible Truth"
9/1 Contest - Going Mobile Sweepstakes (9/9)
9/1 Contest - Win a Sony HandyCam (10/10)
9/1 Join the Kashi Fan Club for a Money Saving Coupon
9/1 PreOrder the Blair Witch Project and Get a Free Double Sided Poster Preorder Price - DVD 17.99, VHS 15.99
9/1 Free Booklets "Relaxation for Families", "Relaxation for Moms", and "Relaxation and Romance"
9/1 Free Demo CD-Rom from Great Wave Software
9/1 Free Grand Prize-Winning Recipes Brochure at Quaker Oats
9/1 Register for Coupons at
9/1 Free Sample Boss Cologne
9/1 Free Sticker from Hunting Net
9/1 Printable Guest Pass To Sam's Club
9/1 Lots of Free Brochures from HunterDouglas Window Fashions
9/1 KB Kids Offer Has Been Pulled Code# Gcc1034567
9/1 Free Back To School Safety Booklet
9/1 Coupon - $10 Off a $25 Order at eToys (first time customers)
9/1 Free2Try Weekly Freebies Newsletter
9/1 Not Quite Free Electronic Organizer with Free Trial of NetMarket
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