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The Latest Freebies 9/20/99

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$10 Off a $10 Order at Code# SURVEY (9/30)
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9/20 Contest - Win Diamond Earrings at Ajour Jewelry (12/30)
9/20 Free Sample Citrus Solvent from Your Environmental Solutions
9/20 Free Sample Weyerhaeuser First Choice Paper
9/20 Free San Francisco & Fisherman's Wharf Visitor Maps
9/20 Money Saving Coupon From Lighthouse Foods
9/20 Online Freebie - Lots of Patterns for Knitters at Wool Works
9/20 Free Million Dollar Bill from Osage River Novelty
9/20 Rebate Form - Free Tyson Baseball for Proof of Purchase
9/20 Contest - Win 1 of 10 Cruises From Intermall America (9/29)
9/20 New Ways To Earn Cash At Cybergold
9/20 Register For a $10 Coupon at The Handmade, Homemade Toy Shop Catalog
9/20 Free Booklet "Signs of Imminent Grace"
9/20 Free Sample D-Skunk-M (shunk odor removal spray) For Vets and Groomers
9/20 Free Issue of Alpha Innovator Music Catalog
9/20 Free Magazine for Radio Broadcasters
9/20 Free Hotel Directory from Choice Hotels
9/20 Free Subscription to Spike Magazine
9/20 Contest and Travel Info from Southwest Airlines
9/20 Free Acne Info Kit From Face Facts
9/20 Contest - Win a Vacation in Myrtle Beach (12/3)
9/20 Request Info and Sample from Samuel Par Skin Care
9/20 Free Copy Of "Managing your Arthritis"
9/20 Free Hemp Soap Sample (LSASE)
9/20 Contest - Win a Palm III at Bordersicon
9/20 Free Bumper Sticker from Java Drive
9/20 Free Leather Samples at Demers Leather Sales
9/20 Free CD-Rom from 3Com Networking Solutions
9/20 Free After Rebate Software
9/20 Free Laminator Sample Kit From Laminall
9/20 Coupon - $10 Off at Bigstar (no minimum 9/25)
9/20 Free Stuff for Kids from National Postal Museum's Education Department (mail in)
9/20 Free Insect Identification Guide And Videos
9/20 Free Brochures and Coupons from WestSoy
9/20 Reynolds Plastic Wrap Spooky Halloween Treats Brochure and Others
9/20 Coupon - $10 Off Your Purchase at
9/20 Contest - Win a 1999 BMW R 1200 C Motorcycle from Actiontec (9/30)
9/20 Free 4x6 Autographed Photo of Miss America
9/20 Free Tub Tints at KidSmart
9/20 Free E-Light Diet Supplement
9/20 Free Sample Diet Supplement
9/20 Coupon - $10 Off a $30 Order at Kidstuff Code# 16103CG6S (10/15)
9/20 Free Richie L. Sticker (LSASE)
9/20 Free First Aid Kit and 20% Off For First Time Customers to PlanetRX
9/20 Free Cash and Products For Your Opinions
9/20 Valid Till 10/31 - Print Out Coupon For 30% Off One Item at Ames Stores
9/20 Still Valid - 1999 Rand McNally Road Atlas & Travel Guide or a 15-minute Phone Card
9/20 Free Sample of Tri-Chromaleane'sŪ Supplement
9/20 Register For An eCoupon from Midnight Chocolate
9/20 Free Sticker from Clovis Records (LSASE)
9/20 Free Sample From OmakBrand Acne Cream (SASE)
9/20 Coupon - Save Up To $60 On Running Shoes from RoadRunner
9/20 Free Trial of Pagoo Call Catcher (no need for 2 phone lines)
9/20 Lots of Free Catalogs (Limit 12 Per Week)
9/20 Coupon - eToys $10 Off a $25 Order Code# C1417 (first time customers, 9/30)
9/20 Contest - Feature Movie Ticket Sweepstakes (9/30)

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