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The Latest Freebies 9/22/99

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9/22 Free Fleece Vest When Ten Friends Join Asimba Mailing List (please use my address as referral )
9/22 Free How-to Books for Country Living Catalog
9/22 Free Personal Pregnancy Planning Guide CD-Rom
9/22 Free Copy Of "At Home In America" Homeschoolers Newspaper
9/22 Join The Presto Bakers Club for Money Saving Coupons
9/22 Free Sticks From The Band "Red Radio Flyer"
9/22 New Items Added - Freebies (posters, video, coloring, comic books, etc) from FEMA for Kids (write in)
9/22 Free Audio Tape "Repentance and Belief"
9/22 Coupon - $10 off any order over $15.00 at FragranceNet Code# 46302165268 (9/30)
9/22 Free Bob & Bella Pin (LSASE)
9/22 Free Booklets " Effective Volunteer Management" , "So your Club Needs Money?" and Cookbook Publishing Kit
9/22 Free T-Shirt, Smart Card and Reader from NetCity
9/22 Free CD-Rom's, Maps, Atlases and More For Teachers
9/22 FYI - New Virus Alert "Y2KCOUNT"
9/22 FYI - New Virus Alert "SUPPL.DOC."
9/22 Free Sample Note Card from The Phenomenal Card Company (mail in)
9/22 Free Acuvue Bifocal Contact Lenses
9/22 Free Guide on High Cholesterol (1-800)
9/22 Free Book "The Change of Time" and Rare Coin Profit Report
9/22 Free Natrol Nutripak and Coupons from Natrol Supplements
9/22 Putter For $1 at Chipshot (500 daily)
9/22 Free El Niņo Poster For Teachers
9/22 Free Book "God's Power For Fathers"
9/22 Master Animal Care Catalog and $5 Gift Certificate
9/22 Free Stuff from Sound City (s&h)
9/22 Free Book - Choose "Wanna Bet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Teen Gambling" or "Gambling Away the Golden Years"
9/22 Free Birthday Express Catalogicon
9/22 Free Candy from The Candy Center
9/22 Free "The Perfect Wedding Guide"
9/22 Contest - Monthly Drawing at Cigar and Pipe
9/22 Free Magazines for Qualified Professionals (lots to choose from)
9/22 Lots of Free Brochures from HomeIdeas
9/22 Contest - Win a T-Shirt from MedIQuiz (monthly)
9/22 Free Subscription to Internet World (must be employed in the field of information technology)
9/22 Send a Free eGreeting With a Free Phonecard
9/22 Register for Coupons/Offers from Sargento
9/22 Free Bumper Sticker From The Bakers Dozen
9/22 Enter Our Weekly and Monthly Contests
9/22 Free Issue of Single Again Magazine
9/22 Free Sample Packet of April Fields Cologne
9/22 Still Valid - Free Spice and Cookbook from All Cajun (LSASE)
9/22 Free Online Photo Album from Easyfoto
9/22 Free Las Vegas Trip and Contest - Win Free ArtWork (weekly)
9/22 Free Cajun Recipe Booklet from Bruce Foods
9/22 Free Recipe Brochure from Louis Kemp Seafood (1-800)
9/22 Free Catalog and Noevir Skin Care Sample
9/22 Free Diabetic Energy Glucose Tablet and Offers From Everything Medical
9/22 Free Phone Card From Animation Grove Postcards
9/22 Free Sample Copy of Europe Magazine (1-800)
9/22 Free Book "The Way to Happiness" by L. Ron Hubbard
9/22 Printable Coupon For 15% Off Loehmann's Clearance Sale (9/22 - 9/27)

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