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The Latest Freebies 9/23/99

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Coupon - Free Shipping with $25 Order at Code# C10901 (10/1)
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9/23 Coupon - $10 Off a $20 Order at REI Outlet Code# 93jd
9/23 Coupon - $5 Off at PetSmart Code# SAVESMART (9/30)
9/23 Free Gift For Teachers From Media & Methods Magazine
9/23 Free Invitation Sample from Originals
9/23 Free Audio Tapes from The Mary Foundation
9/23 Coupon - $10 Off at SelfCare
9/23 Free Greeting Card from CardStar
9/23 Free Gift from Smokenders
9/23 Contest - Win 6000 grams of Creatine or 12 Bottles of Androstenedione (monthly)
9/23 $3100 in Rebates at OfficeMax
9/23 Free "Annoy The IRS" Bumpersticker
9/23 Free Bumper Sticker "Gov't Controlled Software? Byte Me"
9/23 Send Free Wallpaper Greeting Cards from Wallpaper Dreams
9/23 Free Bumper Sticker "Al Gore Is A Pain In My Gas"
9/23 Even More Free Bumper Stickers
9/23 Still Valid - Free Sample Nail Polish Remover Wipe (LSASE)
9/23 Free Year Subscription to Bike Magazine
9/23 Lots of Free Cosmetic & Beauty Product Samples from Jane Magazine
9/23 Coupon - $50 Off To First Time Buyers at Mercata
9/23 New Titles Added - CD-Rom Software for S/H
9/23 Free Sample Dairy Feed
9/23 Free 3-D Glasses When You Download "Depthcharge"
9/23 Coupon - $15 Off Your First Order at (I couldn't verify this, I'm not a first time customer)
9/23 Join Cool Savings For Great Discounts and Lots of Coupons
9/23 Free CD-Rom From Ford (click on the circle with the woman in it and another circle appears with "free cd-rom")
9/23 Free Subscription To Carnation Baby Magazine "The Very Best" (it's filled with coupons)
9/23 Free Asthma Control Program Kit
9/23 Free Video From KitchenAid Built-in Ovens
9/23 Free Sample from Bighead Bonding Fasteners
9/23 Contest - Win a Trip To The World Series & Monthly & Weekly Contests from SportsNut (9/30)
9/23 Still Valid - Free Diet Supplement from Slim'R Days
9/23 Free Audio Tape "Secrets To Marketing Like An MLM Pro"
9/23 Skymall Coupon $20 Off Your Order (check your cart for discount) Code# 6785953 (9/30)
9/23 Contest - Win a Digital Camera at iTurf (weekly till 10/12)
9/23 Good Deal - 20% off One Item at Linens & Things Online
9/23 Win a $10,000 Shopping Spree From eBates
9/23 Free Online Application for Federal Student Aid
9/23 Free Hat and $20 Coupon When You Register With BeOutdoors
9/23 Register For A Free Sample of New Liquid Speed Paste Wax For Skiers
9/23 Free Conference Pass and Lanyard
9/23 Money Saving Coupon for Zyban
9/23 Free Subscription to Bargain Dog(internet sales newsletter)
9/23 Contest - Win Airfare for 2, Nokia 9000il Phone or Motorola TalkAbout Radios (9/30)
9/23 Free2Try Weekly Freestuff Newsletter - Join Free
9/23 New Freebies at FreeShop
9/23 Contest - Win a Sony Camcorder (10/10)

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