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The Latest Freebies 9/27/99

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$10 Off Any Order Over $10 At Barnes and Noble Code# CZAA3BT
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9/27 Free Heartburn Information Kit from Prilosec
9/27 Free Trial CD-Rom of SmartSuite Millennium Edition
9/27 Free "Prove It Kit" To Avoid Computer Disasters
9/27 Contest - Win a Porsche Boxster and/or Weekly Goodie Bags from Foxsports
9/27 Free Kids Video From Small Wonder (s&h)
9/27 Contest - Discover the Magic of Disney Contest (lots of prizes 12/31)
9/27 Free Informational Packet from The National Psoriasis Foundation
9/27 Free Purina® CNM Clinical Nutrition Management® brand Veterinary Diet
9/27 Free Wellness Diary
9/27 Free Samples and Catalog from Labels-4-U
9/27 Coupon - $10 Off A $25 Order at Code# IB101 (first time buyers, 12/99)
9/27 Coupon - $10 Off a $40 Order at Code# BT5453 (1/31)
9/27 Free Sample Super Lysine Plus+ Cream and Coupon
9/27 Contest - Win a T-shirt From Club Herbal (daily)
9/27 Coupon - $10 Off Any Movie at BigStar (9/30)
9/27 Free Brochures from USA Rice
9/27 Money Saving Coupon on Lever 2000 Body Wash
9/27 Free DSS TV Guide Magazine Subscription
9/27 Pre-Register For a $25 Gift Certificate from Buy It Cheap
9/27 Free Video and Two Free Weeks of Investor's Business Daily Newspaper
9/27 Free Peanut Butter Recipe Brochure
9/27 Free Sample From Celestial Harvest Health Food
9/27 Free Catalog and Video From Woodstock Soapstone Stoves
9/27 Contest - Win DryJoy Golf Shoes (weekly)
9/27 Free "Match-Up" at
9/27 Healthy Choice Free Magazine
9/27 Free WWG's Technology Posters
9/27 Contest - CityBug Scooters Sweepstakes (11/30)
9/27 Free Emergency Light from Candle's MQSecure®
9/27 Contest - Win $100 Shopping Spree (weekly)
9/27 Still Valid - The Puzzle Club Counterfeit Caper Book
9/27 Contest - $10,000 Gridiron Giveaway from (10/14)
9/27 Still Valid - Free Sample Boss Cologne
9/27 Lots of Stuff For Kids at PlanetPal Club, Join Free
9/27 Printable Coupon for Munchkin ColorFlow® Nipples
9/27 Still Valid - Free Sample Message Clip
9/27 Sign Up With For Free Coupons
9/27 Free Catalog and Video from Waterford Crystal
9/27 Not Quite Free - Nascar Racing 2 Software When You Trial NetMarket for $1
9/27 Free Book "The Earth's Future"
9/27 Free Guide "Helping Your Child Get Ready for School"
9/27 Free Las Vegas Trip and Contest - Win Free ArtWork (weekly)
9/27 Putter For $1 at Chipshot (500 daily)
9/27 Free Leather Sample (LSASE) And Purse Contest
9/27 Free Kingsize Menswear Catalogicon
9/27 Rite-Aid Rebates
9/27 Free Mandy Moore 4 Song Cassette and Poster
9/27 Free Download of ValuePass Internet Coupon Software

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