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The Latest Freebies 9/30/99

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Win a Digital Camera From Zing!
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9/30 Rebate Form for Peak and Sierra Antifreeze and Car Care Products (1/1)
9/30 Free Booklet "Why Buy American"
9/30 Contest - Win $500 at Newsletters For Free (10/13
9/30 Contest - Monthly Drawing and Brochure at Cuprinol
9/30 Free Issue of God's Word Today
9/30 Join iWant For A Free T-Shirt When You Refer 5 Friends
9/30 Free Calendar from The Environmental Defense Fund
9/30 Free Audi Quattro Decal
9/30 Free Coffee Sample
9/30 For Kids - Special Goodies When You Join the Kozy Kidz Club
9/30 Register For A Free Sample of Downy Premium Care
9/30 Online Freebie - Free Paper Model Project Patterns at Paper Paradise
9/30 Free ThinkQuest 2000 CD-Rom Packet
9/30 Free Catalog from Fabulous Furs (alternative to anmal fur)
9/30 Contest - Monthly Giveaway at AAAA Gifts
9/30 Free Magazines from Credit News
9/30 Free Bookmark from Nature's Spirit Photography (LSASE)
9/30 Free Decorative Paper From The Paper Web
9/30 Contest - Win a $100 Gift Certificate at The OutletMall
9/30 Free Booklet "Surprising Sponge Cake Recipes"
9/30 Free Teaching Guides from Scientific American Frontiers
9/30 Free Stuff For Teachers From Flinn Science Supplies
9/30 Still Valid - Free Film From Mystic Color Labs
9/30 Contest - Win a Delta Platinum Edition Unisaw from WoodMall
9/30 Free $10 Gift Certificate For First Time Buyers at HouseMart
9/30 Free Consumer Information Center Catalog
9/30 Good Deal (if you hurry) Free Wrist Pad and Free Screen Wipes at At Your Office (s&h)
9/30 Free Poster of The U.S. Women's Soccer Team
9/30 Still Valid - Free Rosary, Magazine and Newsletter from The Sacred Heart Society
9/30 Free Guide to Selective Bird Feeding
9/30 Contest - Whole Shabang Sweepstakes (11/24)
9/30 Contest - Win a New York Shopping Spree (2/15)
9/30 Contest - Mystery Train Sweepstakes (12/23)
9/30 Free Booklet and Newsletter From The Migraine Resource Center
9/30 Free Sample Of Incense from Balarama
9/30 Free Weight and Diet Assessment icon
9/30 Free Sample Squalene Beauty/Health Product
9/30 Register with St. Ives for Promotional Discounts
9/30 Money Saving Coupon for Feline Pine Cat Litter
9/30 New Professor Teaches Windows 98 CD-Rom Added To Free w/S&H Software (while supply lasts)
9/30 Good Deal - Free T-Shirt and Shipping With Purchase at
9/30 Still Valid - Free Stickers from eSticker
9/30 Free Kingsize Men's Fashion Catalog
9/30 Free Educational Kits and School Food Service Kit from USA Pear (must qualify)
9/30 Free Fuller Brush Catalog
9/30 Free Investment Opportunities Information
9/30 Free Copy of "Blur" from Cisco
9/30 Coupon - $10 Off A $30 Order at KB Kids Code# GD66EFECCD (10/8)
9/30 Contest - K-Tel Music Trivia Contesticon
9/30 Free Newsletters from Habitat For Humanity International
9/30 Free Catalog from Lane Bryant
9/30 Free Registration - Auctions at eBay
9/30 Free Fleece Vest When Ten Friends Join Asimba Mailing List (please use my address as referral )

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